The second-hand luxury market is growing tremendously compared to the primary luxury market.  Second-hand goods are eco-friendly, seeing that they help us to save money. In addition, this kind of shopping promotes a healthy lifestyle with zero-waste culture. Consumers can shop for sustainable, affordable, and high-quality on-trend items.

The most important question is where to find good brands. This article covers everything you need to know about second-hand Japanese luxury and the best platform to shop.

What is Japanese second-hand luxury goods

Japanese second-hand luxury goods are premium and high-end items that the second user buys.  They include footwear, jewelry, apparel, antique furniture, clothing, accessories like watches and bags. According to statistics, Japan’s pre-owned luxury goods make up to 30% of the luxury market.

These goods are ideal for the resale market because they are durable and have a long warranty period. In addition, selling the goods is economical to the seller rather than discarding them. Since they reduce over-dependence on expensive raw materials, it helps to lower the levels of waste production.

Luxury goods are common in Japan. When you visit big cities like Osaka or Tokyo, you will notice physical stores for giant brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. There are also online stores for a wide range of luxury products. It’s correct to assume that there is a large market for buying second luxury items.

Ebuy’s services- professional Japanese second-hand luxury shopping platform

Ebuy is a professional large Japanese shopping platform for second-hand items.  We have a range of high-quality products, including footwear, clothing, cameras, watches, and other accessories.

Our services guarantee you:

  1. High efficiency: the company has close cooperation with popular Japanese websites to bring high-quality products to buyers across the worldwide.
  2. Professional packaging team: we have a professional packaging team with more than three years of experience working in a warehouse. Besides that, the warehouse team is trained for one month before taking their positions.
  3. Rapid delivery: we provide fast delivery across the world. Further, our professional delivery team ensures your package will be delivered to you safely.
  4. Fast logistics: we pride a fast-evolving by providing quick services to meet customers’ expectations. For this reason, we fulfill orders quickly and ensure your package is shipped on time. Lastly, our logistic sector has demanding services like tracking delivery, accessing real-time data, and has technology systems.

Advantages of Japanese online shopping platform

  • Convenience: Japanese shopping platform allows you to order any product from the comfort of your home. You need to search, bid on products on our website, and wait for delivery.
  • Timesaver: thanks to today’s technology. You don’t need to go to physical stores and search for items. The platform helps you to check them online and save your precious time.


There is no doubt that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. This situation is becoming worse and destroying our environment. Fortunately, we can embrace ethical values to reduce pollution. Buying second-hand goods are great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides that, sustainability has made consumers invest in second-hand luxury pieces. Ebuy got you covered when it comes to second-hand luxury pieces. For more information about us, please don’t hesitate to find a wide range of products by browsing and bidding on our website.