Since their first debut in 2016, Airpods have quickly become a coveted accessory for iPhone users. From the first, second, and third-generation Airpods to Airpod pro released in 2021. This gadget benefits a variety of different needs. From businessmen and women who can call hands-free to athletes and students who can listen to music or podcasts wherever they go.

If you’re upgrading your older generation of Airpods for the Airprod pro or have been an Airpod pro user for some time, it’s important to protect your case. The charging case is essential to continue using Airpods, charging them, and pairing them with new devices. 

Having the right Airpod case pro can elevate your experience with Airpods and keep them safe. Read on to learn the best Airpod case for your pros.

The Capsule Case

When it comes to the best Airpod pro case, The Capsule Case is a no-brainer. This sleek case is made of premium full-grain leather and durable plastic that resists wear and tear. Available in Camel Tan, Navy Blue, Jet Black, or Brown, you can choose a look that suits you.

This classy case is perfect for the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for, your first real interview, or your first week as a college student. The Capsule Case allows for 360-degree protective coverage, easy access to your Airpods, a slot for your charging port, wireless connection for accessories, and has premium oil waxed leather. The striking design is a unique, classy way to show off your Airpods.

The Madera Case

Available in natural wood and a rich maple color, this case is an excellent tool to keep your Airpods Pro safe and clean. Plus, if you haven’t upgraded to the pro version yet and still have the first and second generations, this case is available in these sizes as well. 

Made with 100% wood and a touch of leather, The Madera Case offers a one-of-a-kind look to help you stand out from the crowd. With a microfiber rim on the interior, this smooth, lightweight case is perfect for those in the business world, athletes, students, or anyone else who needs to bring their Airpods on the go. Enjoy 90-day exchanges and returns and a 12-month warranty! 

Why You Need a Case For Your Airpods Pro

Having a case for your Airpods is critical to keeping them safe and clean. Think of it this way. Your Airpods go through a lot. From sitting in your gym back, briefcase, and backpack, they can experience wear and tear faster than other accessories. 

Choosing durable materials and ergonomic designs that protect your Airpods can help them last longer and prevent damage. It can also help keep your Airpods clean as they can encounter dust and dirt in various places. 

Other Ways to Protect Your Airpods Pro

In addition to getting the right Airpod case, there are other ways to protect this essential gadget. Let’s look at some tips for taking care of your Airpods below. 

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your Airpods clean is an excellent way to help them last longer. According to Apple Support, cleaning your Airpods Pro involves the following steps:

  • First, get a lint-free cloth that’s clean and dry.
  • Next, clean the microphone and speaker meshes with a dry cotton swab.
  • Avoid using water or sharp objects to get debris from the mesh speakers.
  • If you have spilled something on your Airpods, you can use a damp, clean cloth to remove the materials and use a dry, lint-free cloth to dry it. Don’t use your Airpods again until they’re completely dry.

As an extra tip, keeping your ears clean will help keep your Airpods clean, too! If you wear your Airpods often throughout the day, it’s essential to keep your ears and headphones as clean as possible!

Store Your Airpods Safely

In addition to keeping your Airpods clean, it’s essential to know how to store them. First, store them in a dry place at a regular temperature. If possible, avoid keeping them in extreme temperatures, like leaving them in a cold car overnight. It’s also essential to make sure your Airpods are in your charging case when you’re not using them to avoid misplacing them and to keep them clean.


A Case Others Will Envy

The Capsule Case and The Madera Case are two Airpod pro cases your friends and colleagues will envy. With a one-of-a-kind, sleek design and protection made to last, these cases are a go-to when looking for quality. Plus, Airpod cases make perfect gift ideas for anyone in your life!