Whether you’re an avid golfer or just starting to play the game, honing your putting skills is important. So much of golf comes down to how many putts it takes you to get the ball in the hole once you’re on the green.

According to Golf Digest and Golf Game, golfers putt 41.3% of the time during an average game of golf. Almost half the game is putting! That means improving your putting skills changes your overall score per game significantly.

This is why using a practice aid like a putting mirror is so beneficial. If you’re going to spend more time practicing your putting game, you want to make sure you’re practicing correctly, right?

What is a Putting Mirror?

If you want worthwhile putting practice, consider investing in a putting mirror. A putting mirror is a golfing aid that looks like a rectangle mirror with a u-shaped cut on one end. You use it by setting it on the ground with your ball nestled in the u-shape. You then use the mirror and the lines on it to practice putting correctly.

Here are some benefits of using a putting mirror.


Since you’re using a mirror, you can check your posture before every putt. Good posture helps you have more control over where the ball goes as well as prevents injuries and loss of balance. A putting mirror allows you to check how you’re holding your head and upper body and how your eyes line up with the ball. 


Putting mirrors have a line that goes straight back from the space where your ball goes. This line helps you find the proper alignment between the ball and the hole. Over time, it enables you to get a feel for the best angle to stand at so that your putting stroke is aimed right at the hole.


Practicing often is great, but good practice consistently is even better. A putting mirror ensures you get the most value out of your putting practice. With it, you teach yourself the correct way to stand and proper alignment every time you hit the ball. This builds your muscle memory and your ability to eye the angle between the ball and the hole accurately. That means when playing an actual game of golf, you can more reliably draw on those skills to improve your score.

User Friendly

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, putting mirrors are user friendly. They are a simple tool you can use without a lot of training or hassle to set up. Easy to carry, you can use one anywhere. They also help a lot if you practice alone.


It can be easy to underestimate the significance of your putting skills, but it’s important not to do so. With so much of golf being about your game on the putting green, a putting mirror is worth getting. With one, it’s easier to hone your putting game and achieve the scores you want.