On November 19, the “Distributed Storage 2020 Annual Summit” co-sponsored by XnMatrix and Glacier Distributed Storage Laboratory and co-organized by Star Railway China was held in Chengdu. This summit took the opportunity of how distributed storage technology has accelerated the new round of technological and industrial transformation of Web3.0 to discuss efficient, safe and low-cost data storage solutions, promote the application of cutting-edge technological achievements, and help the ecological construction of distributed storage industry.

Distributed storage field representatives, technical experts, research institutes, investment institutions, industry elites and other guests gathered together to share cutting-edge technological achievements and discuss industry challenges and changes around Building a new soil and Creating opportunities together, so as to seek future blueprint plans to help data storage play a greater role in the digital economy era.

Data explosion brings a new era of digital economy

In 2020, the total amount of global data storage is expected to be 58ZB, an average annual increase of 1 times. The current era of data explosion has brought about three major problems. 1. Storage cost: processing and storing massive amounts of new data through the current centralized cloud computing is expensive; 2. Privacy and security issues: the current centralized cloud computing cannot guarantee the privacy and security of personal data; 3. digital assets Liquidity issues: Data is an asset, and Internet giants’ data monopoly cannot realize the liquidity of data rights; therefore, facing the advent of the new era of digital economy, a decentralized cloud computing platform is needed to solve these problems. It is expected that by 2022 , For every 10 bytes of data, there will be 7 bytes of data without a data center.

Based on the IDC, McKinsey report, and Huawei report, in 2019, the global centralized cloud computing market was US$260.2 billion, and the cloud storage market was US$49.13 billion; the corresponding decentralized cloud storage market was about US$3 billion. The centralized cloud computing market is about 10 billion US dollars. In the future, 10 to 20 years, the decentralized cloud computing and cloud storage market is expected to achieve a 100-fold growth in 10 years, reaching a trillion-dollar market.

“Distributed computing and decentralized storage are the projections of new civilizations and new scenarios brought about by technological changes in the real world.” XnMatrix Chairman Wu Wenjie said that we define this new civilization as a digital civilization. Today we are participating in the process where human are evolving from material civilization and spiritual civilization to digital civilization. In the era of Web3.0 decentralization, the original infrastructure will be completely rebuilt, and more updated ecology will be derived.

New infrastructure of computing power-a necessary stage before digital civilization

Promoting the construction of “new infrastructure” is a major strategic deployment made by China based on the current and long-term perspective. The policy pointed out that three types of new infrastructure construction should be promoted as a whole, one is the communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, Internet of Things, and industrial Internet; the other is the new technology infrastructures represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain. The third is the computing power infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers.

Throughout history, every industrial-level large-scale infrastructure investment will bring 5-10 years of trillion-level market opportunities, without exception. The new data infrastructure is a necessary stage before the outbreak of digital civilization. Its core is to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the storage, transmission and usage modes from PB-level data to ZB-level data. The traditional Internet sinks into infrastructure, and more and more decentralized solutions will replace and integrate the existing Internet business applications and services.

Therefore, decentralized IDC, communication network, computing resource supply, data storage supply, and algorithm supply will bring decentralized financial services, consensus services, computing services, storage services, and transaction services to build decentralized ecological applications.

“Decentralized cloud computing has unveiled the trillion-dollar digital economy market. It is estimated that 70% of the data in the future will exist through distributed storage.” XnMatrix COO Mi Jia said that the advent of big data and intelligence has brought three major challenges: data storage costs, privacy and security, and data asset liquidity. The previous generation of the Internet naturally has national boundaries, while the blockchain naturally has no national boundaries.

XnMatrix-a new cloud computing infrastructure platform

In a digital civilization based on data privatization, computing power is energy, storage is soil, algorithms are water and air, and consensus becomes social rules. XnMatrix is based on the blockchain system, with privacy computing and automated contracts and verification platforms as the core. Its mission is to build the underlying infrastructure of a digital civilization and meet the challenges of the AI and big data era with security and trust. XnMatrix, by the decentralized network layer, contract layer, basic service layer, application service layer and 5 frameworks of application ecological layer, has implemented industrial solutions, such as cloud wallet, cloud GPU, cloud storage, 4 standard products based on IPFS cloud host, and IPFS technology, computing power mall and digital asset bank.

In 2020, XnMatrix has completed its layout in the decentralized cloud computing industry chain, including technology communities, software, IDC, system integrators, platforms, and ecological applications. It is the only company in the decentralized cloud storage industry that covers the entire industry chain. XnMatrix is also the first company who applied the centralized cloud storage service to traditional Internet storage business. And based on the distributed AI cloud computing network, it launched the world’s first decentralized intelligent hardware product- KODA among downstream ecological enterprises. Deeply plowing the new infrastructure track of computing power, years of accumulated technology, algorithm, software, and operation and maintenance advantages, XnMatrix maintains a leading position in the computing power efficiency of the entire network in the field of decentralized storage.

Contact: Amy Zhang
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SOURCE: XnMatrix