Whether you are amusing your guests around a marble island or chatting along with your partner over a pot jam-packed with chilli, your kitchen gets the foremost attention. So, it is obvious that you need it to be stunning. However, the parts you decide to change shouldn’t simply be aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy enough to stand up to loads of use. With many appliances out there, it is often difficult to uncover those which are sturdy and look awesome. But don’t worry, here is a list of appliances that look great and will last long to give you a run for your money. 

  • A Shrewd Garbage Container-

Now you don’t need to touch the unhygienic garbage of your house every time you use your dustbin. Yes! This super cool and sharp garbage can have made the task of maintaining health and hygiene very easy. With a cool sensor and voice-controlled technology, all you have to say is “Open Can”, and it will become ready to be operated. This garbage comes with extremely trendy designs in the market and hence proves to be a wise investment keeping in mind your home’s fashion quotient. 

  • A No-Effort Coffee Maker Machine

This product is genuinely a blessing for those coffee lovers who like to drink it but hate putting efforts into making it. With this amazing coffee-maker machine, you don’t have to even think about making your coffee because it is all set to prepare it all on its own. The other good news is that it not only reduces your efforts of preparation but also enhances the exquisiteness of your kitchen through its striking appearance. It has a convenient compact size, so you can easily place it wherever you want. 

  • Manual Vegetable Chopper-

This is the essential product to own for your kitchen. It is seriously the first on the priority list of your kitchen needs, as cutting vegetables and fruits while cooking is quite a tedious task. This Manual Vegetable Chopper will aid you in chopping your vegetables very easily and quickly. If you are a non-cooking person, then this vegetable chopper is a must-have for you. You just have to wash the vegetables properly and put them in the chopper. The chopper will use centrifugal force and stainless steel blade to cut off the vegetable in a uniform and desired shape. You can change the blades according to your size requirement of vegetables. It can also be used to whisk eggs and ground minced meat etc. 

  1. Slow Cooker-

This product is quite expensive than the rest on the list but it is worth the money. You just have to put your cookable food items and ingredients along with few pinches of salt and seasoning. Now shut the cooker up and wait for few minutes. The slow cooker slowly releases the flavour of ingredients in your food. Once done, you are left with a properly made and super-delicious dish. That too with absolutely no effort.

  • A High-tech Faucet-

It’s time to make the best use of Artificial Intelligence and go completely “touchless”. This high-tech faucet works with a hand-free sensor. So now, you don’t have to worry about your children touching the faucet with dirty hands and catching deadly bacteria. Your everyday struggle of sanitizing your kitchen faucet before and after use also gets reduced by this amazingly built product. It is indeed an eye-catcher for your visitors because it saves water through its 90-second start-stop technology.

  • Gold Faucet for Countertop-

Gold is considered as one of the most magnificent materials utilised for plumbing purposes. The beauty enhancing property and durability of gold makes it a great choice for people looking to amplify the appearance of their kitchen. The biggest benefit of installing a gold faucet for countertop  is that it will last longer in addition to being graceful. With such a vast variety of options available in the market, it becomes quite difficult to make the correct investment. And Gold Faucet in that queue, is probably the best expenditure. Gold faucet countertops are mostly recommended to people having dark themed kitchens. 

  • A Durable Sink-

The sink is the widely used area of your kitchen. Also, because of its wide-ranging perimeter, it attracts the eyes of the visitors very quickly. Hence, installing a fashionable as well as a durable sink is a huge decision. You must go for a sink that lasts longer. Sinks made up of granite composite are commonly recommended as they give your sink a smooth and non-porous stone surface finish. The graphite composition also makes it heat and stain-resistant. The most popular colour of sink in current markets is shady grey, coal-black and magenta. 

  • Sharpening Rod-

The biggest issue that you face in your kitchen is with your knives being rusted very quickly, and then no matter how expensive it was, you have to throw it. But this problem can be easily solved by using a ceramic sharpening rod. This sharpens the blade of your knives, preventing the rust getting accumulated on them. However, the main job of this rod is that it realigns your knife’s edges. This product works like a charm and saves your money from being spent on unnecessary knives every month. 

  • Measuring Cups

Measuring cups prove to be highly useful when it comes to taking the exact measure of the quantity of liquid or solid ingredients you will use in your dish. You might think that measuring cups are not too important to be considered as something special. It works as a boon because it helps determine the correct quantity of ingredients and saves time, making it a mandatory product for you. Now when it comes to fashion and designing, you will be amazed to know that these cups are not at all behind. There are ample amounts of colour, design and crafts available in the market. You can choose and purchase them according to the look of your kitchen. It will enhance the beauty if it is in consonance with the theme of your kitchen.

  • Dish Spinner-

A dish spinner proves to be your biggest supporter when you plan to prepare a crispy and delicious meal to please your guests. Dish spinner is mainly used to protect your green vegetables from going soggy. Generally, you will be required to dry them and “spin” them, and this dish spinner will help you a lot in this task. This dish spinner is very durable and easy to use. You can conveniently operate it by pressing the button on the highest mode. It even has options of brake and lockup mechanism for appropriate storage of your fruits and vegetables. People particularly love this product because of its strainer basket as it eases your job of spinning pasta and macaroni, which is otherwise very messy. It’s an excellent multi-purpose tool!


Apart from looking beautiful and enhancing the look of your kitchen, the above products are also effortless to operate. They prove to be very useful for your daily chores and activities.