Termodizayn responds to an important need with the houses it built using the container steel construction infrastructure. It is possible to put your Container Type Solar Mobile Homes wherever you want.

Container Type Mobile Tiny Houses meet all your needs with Solar Energy. Using the container steel construction infrastructure, comfortable, aesthetic and smart mobile homes are designed to meet all your needs.

Container Type Solar Mobile Homes can be used for very different needs and businesses, apart from home and housing needs. It is also used in the form of cafes, restaurants, fast food sales kiosks, office staff buildings, showrooms, sales offices, tourism-oriented accommodation units. All of the container products are designed according to your needs and expectations and offered to your service. You have the opportunity to create all optional options yourself from this web page.

The ‘small mobile home‘ concept, known as the ‘tiny house’, which has become a fashion in the world, has started to increase in Turkey as well. According to the latest news in the press, it is stated that the demand for such houses and prefabricated structures has increased by 40 percent.

When we look at the reasons for the increase in mobile homes, the difference is that there is no need for a license like prefabricated houses and that they can be transported to any place desired by vehicle. Demand for Container Tiny Houses has increased due to recent disasters, coronavirus, fires, floods and earthquakes all over the world. Other issues in the increase in demand are the need to be alone and the desire to live together with nature. On the other hand, anyone who has a land suitable for building a house can build a house with class A energy efficiency in a short time with new generation systems.

Termodizayn meets demands in many business areas besides Mobile Container houses.

What are Termodizayn Mobile Containers?

* Container Type Mobile Blast Freezers

* Container Type Cold Storages

* Mobile Butcher And Fisheries Stores

* Mobile Hospital

* Mobile Slaughterhouse

* Mobile Morg Cabinets

Termodizayn Mobile Butcher And Fisheries Stores

Termodizayn mobile shops can operate in all types of weather conditions. Possible to be manufactured in different models according to the needs of the customers. Fully-equipped shops are delivered ready to use for fishermen, poultry vendors, butchers, fruit and vegetable vendors, ice-cream parlors, delicatessen shops and mini-grocery stores. You can move and transport Termodizayn mobile shops wherever you want to or you can even rent them. Electricity and water connection is sufficient. It does not require installation.

The shop is fitted with the maximum quality equipments and accessories. Has everything what you need such as a scale, set of knives, cold storage, stainless steel shelves, etc.

Termodizayn mobile shops are in compliance with the international hygiene standarts and offers a pleasant shopping experience to your customers.

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