Being on top of the world is far more than a feeling but an actual opportunity just waiting to be taken. To truly be the trip of a lifetime it has to involve an epic experience that can happen nowhere else in the world. Only on a cruise to the breathtaking North Pole can travelers have the chance to do what only a few have ever done before, stand at the very top of the world. Standing at precisely 90 degrees North on planet earth is just the start, there is an entire voyage of magnificent experiences waiting on an unforgettable cruise to the North Pole!

Discover the Wondrous North Pole

For many, the idea of the North Pole likely brings thoughts of Santa’s workshop and flying reindeer to mind. However, the imagination’s idea of the North Pole is not nearly as magnificent as the real deal. Embarking on a North Pole cruise is the only way to fully experience the natural wonders and unbelievable excursions of this Arctic escape. Located on constantly shifting ice in the middle of the Arctic ocean, the North Pole is a spectacular ice-covered region to explore.

Unlike most destinations in the world, traveling to the North Pole during the months of June and July brings 24-hours of sunshine for optimal viewing opportunities. With all that sunshine comes the chance to observe the few animal species that occasionally migrate to the North Pole, like the iconic polar bear and playful Arctic foxes.

Make sure to have fresh batteries in your camera and great long-distance lens, because you will not want to miss the amazing opportunity to photograph polar bears roaming this perfect Arctic backdrop. Be sure to look up because migratory birds like the small snow bunting and kittiwakes are known to soar the vast North Pole sky.

Thrilling North Pole Excursions

Take standing on top of the world to the next level by soaring 30 metres above the ice during an epic hot air balloon ride. The North Pole is the only place on earth where you can float in a tethered hot air balloon over the top of the world in crisp silence. Breath in the fresh air while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the North Poles snow-capped ice ridges, turquoise melt pools and unbelievable ice-covered terrain. The natural scenery of the North Pole is unlike any other geographic location.

Another awesome excursion that allows travelers to truly appreciate the magnitude of the North Pole is by flightseeing on an extraordinary helicopter tour. Stay enclosed from the Arctic elements as you soar in a helicopter above the vast icy landscapes below. There is no better way to experience the remarkable sights of the seldom-visited North Pole than to get a once in a lifetime view from above.

There is no doubt that the excursions offered only from a North Pole cruise will create the most astonishing memories that will last a lifetime. Make your next trip unforgettable with a thrilling North Pole voyage!