What is StreamYard?


StreamYard is an online streaming studio where users can broadcast screens, chat with guests, and engage in discussions about everything. It’s a great way to build fans and followers right away. It is easy to stream directly via YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and other platforms. It’s the ideal platform for conducting live interviews. You can have as many as ten people on the stream, making the sessions fun and lively. StreamYard makes it possible to take users one step further than simply answering questions or comments. Users can compose the message they want to convey, and the application will integrate it into the live stream with one click. It lets users impress their viewers with various colours, images, videos, and GIFs in just a couple of clicks. Users can make custom logos and graphics in just a few minutes. The program handles all the complicated aspects to allow users to concentrate only on the content they create and brainstorm ideas about how they can grow their business.

StreamYard can be a well-known name in the field and has remarkable features that will allow you to bring your live video content into the spotlight in the case of live streams.

You can utilize StreamYard to stream live your videos to various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, and custom RTMP outputs. This is one solution that works for all of these platforms.

If you’re an entrepreneur or YouTuber who interviews other professionals frequently, StreamYard can be of enormous assistance. It allows you to invite up to 10 participants at one time and conduct live interviews. You can also use these features to create small-scale webinars or a live demonstration of your product. It’s a quick and easy way to accomplish your goals. StreamYard is suggested by some of the best entrepreneurs and video producers.

Features Of Streamyard

Live-stream broadcasts on all major social media platforms

The Streamyard Live Streaming lets you make a broadcast and stream it to any device that can support Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) through an embedded player on your site or third-party applications.

What’s RMTP?

Real-Time Messenger Protocol (RTMP) is software for streaming video, audio and other data over the Internet.

Streams are divided into smaller pieces to increase the amount of information that can be efficiently transmitted. This means that audio and video are sent on separate channels simultaneously.

invite at least 10 (6 on the plan for free) guests from outside to join the broadcast and be part of the stream live.

Inviting guests to join in is easy and straightforward and doesn’t need guests to download any program to participate. It is possible to make the experience more exciting by introducing guests in your studio before taking them to live and then swapping people in and out.

Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

It is possible to simulcast up to eight destinations on platforms that host your community with paying pricing plans. This makes it simple for viewers to engage with and watch.

Streaming for Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch, and even custom RTMP outputs.

You can broadcast to hundreds of people Facebook page or YouTube channel simultaneously!

Additional features that allow Streamyard to be flexible and let you appear like a professional

  • Monitor audience engagement through comment moderation and the ability to post comments on screen.
  • Add audience-generated call-to-actions that can be life added to the streaming
  • Brand broadcasts are created by changing colours and uploading pictures, GIFs, and videos.

How to sign-up for Streamyard

All you require is your email, not a username or password to do this. Simply enter your email address, and they’ll email you a login key to confirm your account.

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Streamyard is one of the most accessible registration procedures we’ve experienced, and registering is easy. You don’t need to enter names and addresses, usernames details, credit card numbers, etc. Simply an email address is enough. They claim this limits their risk since they don’t want to hang any personal or sensitive information. We’re all in favour of that!

When you log out and you need to login to log in again, a new code will be sent by email. When you shut the browser and then close it, you’ll be logged in when you open it again (unless you delete the cache, cookies or). If someone else on your team is required to sign in, they’ll receive an email with a code sent to the email address registered to address. They’ll remain in the system until they exit.

After registering, you will be included in their free plan.

Since their process of logging in is so simple, there are a few points to keep in mind:

1. Signing up to Streamyard using an email address is necessary. However, since it relies on an account username and password, you can utilize a shared corporate email address to sign up or even your boss’s or colleague’s email.

2. You can share your Streamyard account with more than one individual in your company or with another Facebook Group admin. If you give them a login code the first time they sign into the account, they will be granted access to your account. After you’ve been signed in for the first time, you will be active until you log out, without having to input login codes every time.

3. If you want to link Streamyard into the Facebook Group or page, you must do it using your profile. If you do not, you can’t live your page as a group. Since Streamyard will require your authentication to access, you must utilize your Facebook account that you have your password to, typically your personal.

4. The Facebook profile used in connecting Streamyard to Facebook first will be the profile shown as live even if the account has been shared with other administrators. For example, when we live on the Solo Women Travelers and Online Group Success, Mar always appears life, regardless of whether Meg hosts the event. We linked Streamyard with the group and the page with Mar’s profile and login credentials. But, Meg goes live via Mar’s login code.

5. Only the Facebook profile is linked to Streamyard. It can modify the content of the Live videos on each social media platform (not the company page or an administrator of the same account). ).

6. If you wish to switch between multiple Facebook accounts using one Streamyard account, you’ll need to detach Streamyard and Facebook. Facebook Group and then reconnect it to the new profile. There aren’t any adverse effects of doing this. The only aspects that will be the previous broadcasts won’t go live if the profile link isn’t the same as that of the broadcast profile. But you should be able to correct that by clicking on Go Live by editing the details and then manually going live at the destination that failed. Alternately, you can only create the post for the profile which goes live.

Be aware that the above guidelines apply to all streaming software, not just Streamyard. However, Be. Live, etc. These are restrictions imposed by Facebook on the third party live streaming services.

Streamyard Pricing

StreamYard starts at $20 per month and offers annual discounted prices. The free plan is available.


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StreamYard Advantages and Benefits

Now that you know which one is right for you let’s get into business.

What are the reasons for choosing to use StreamYard?

Create your streams that have more participants

What’s the benefit of using an online streaming platform that doesn’t allow participation from users? With StreamYard, you can allow up to six participants on the stream.

You can improve the standard of your material via discussions and interviews, which will boost your reach.


StreamYard allows broadcasting via YouTube, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, Periscope or Twitch. Both on personal and professional profiles.

It can assist in reaching more people across various platforms to improve visibility and increase views.

Encourage audience participation

The most crucial aspect of your live streams is your viewers. They must be as if they are a part of the live stream. This will create a stable and loyal fan base that is devoted to your content.

When you stream StreamYard stream, your viewers can comment and view all messages displayed on the screen. You’ll be able to respond to them live.

There is no have to download any software to utilize StreamYard

It can be pretty tedious the ability to install and download the tools on your PC.

With StreamYard, it’s not needed since it is integrated into conjunction with your browser. Join with your email address, and you’ll be able to access the Dashboard to begin streaming or edit your account.

Personalize your streaming

You can include your brand or business logo, alter the background colour, etc.

If you are on a premium subscription, you can completely personalize the live videos you stream and ensure that your brand’s logo can be easily recognized on your videos.

Youu can also add a “call-to-action” for your viewers to sign-up to your site or purchase a product service. Then, you can include the question on the screen.


The resolution of streams is directly influenced by the plan purchased. The free plans offer only the solution of 720p.

Before you begin your stream, you have to select your destination and include the stream’s name and a description.

You can also check whether the microphone attached to your camera is functioning. You can choose to silence your sound or cut off camera feeds and opt for advanced settings for additional choices in calibration.

We loved choosing among multiple options of hardware sources for Camera and Audio input. For the video quality, we recommend High Resolution (360p), Standard Resolution (480p), and High Resolution (480p) are the options.

The resolution is three that you can pick among (720p).

You can alter the volume of both the speaker and the microphone by changing the settings for sound. We also liked the extra options that include Echo Cancellation, Stereo sound, and Auto-tuned microphone volume.

Green Screen is the preferred choice of broadcasters who do not possess a beautiful background.

Additionally, it allows for an intimate connection with the viewer without causing distortions. However, encoded green screen video will require more excellent computer resources and a specific graphics encoding chip is needed.

You can choose to add the background of a green screen or upload any other location to create streams. Utilize the basic settings for customization, starting from a fade scale to Green or Blue background colour.

These features contribute to the high-quality live streaming that you will be broadcasting to your viewer.

Videos recorded can be altered using all the settings available for broadcasts and live streams. When you are done recording, the video can be accessed via The History publish option on the homepage in your Dashboard.

A feature allows you to invite guests to your stream via an invitation link that you have created.

The recording copy of the stream is stored in the cloud until you’ve reached the storage limit of your cloud.

Multi-streaming / Simulcasting

After you have logged into your streaming sites, You can set up a streaming option to allow Multistreaming. You can stream multiple websites by selecting the entire list.

Multi-streaming is not included in the basic version. Even the essential subscription permits the multi-streaming feature to 3 destinations. Professional-only packs increase the number of targets to 8.

There is also the option of setting the streams for each site. This stream is sent through the cloud to the chosen website. Please note that there may be limits on resolution and audio recordings based on the subscription plan.

Similar Features to Flow

Comments (edit)

All streaming destinations come with commenting capabilities, and StreamYard provides a built-in commenting program to ensure you get the most value from every stream.

Every comment from various streaming websites is shown within the app, allowing users to communicate with their desired server through one system, StreamYard. We found this great feature; however, things could become a bit more complicated if you stream to more than ten platforms.


Banners are text-based content displayed on the screen in your live streaming. This feature is available in StreamYard 200

from a poster to HTML0 lets you make posters.

You can turn on and off an advertisement with a single click. Each title can be kept in separate folders that allow access to various titles within different sections within your channel.


Publishers usually develop their brands or channels using colours, logos and other items to build an online community. StreamYard lets you customize the streaming content by adding stamps or changing the colour and design of banners.

Professional publishers employ an image and banner. The addition of these elements to your channel or stream increases the quality. You can alter various settings via the tab for the brand within your control panel. The colour will be used in screen comments, posters and names of the display. The user will be able to pick a theme out of four different pieces.


It also lets you make customized logos, overlays and custom designs on streaming live. Logos provides a variety of opportunities to advertise your channel as well as sell other products as well. Earning money

Can be used for

These custom-designed graphics appear in the upper part of your stream, referred to as overlays. They have animating PNG/ GIF files

It is installed. The top tiers can boost the input to your channel or stream.

Overlays are required for GIF maximal file sizes of 3 Megabytes, and PNG files

including 20 MB for recommended 1280 x 720 carry pixel resolution.

To your stream 1280 x 720 pixels

You may also make promotional or countdown videos that provide high resolution.

The video files are greater than 10 minutes long, and their files’ size from 200MB shouldn’t exceed 200 MB. These promotional videos can provide the most extraordinary flavour on your website.

You may have seen any promo video or animation to attract viewers to your favourite channels.

Private chat

Private chat lets you communicate privately with your viewers. This feature enables you to respond to viewers’ specific messages, even when multi-streaming.

Additional Option to Set

The settings tab in the main panel offers additional options for customization in addition to the ones you can choose when you register.

General settings impact the look and feel of your content when it is in streaming, and guest settings let you restrict access for guests to the live stream.

Guest Mode, The user can use live streaming for an interview or interaction with people displayed on Kidollareye.

The live stream allows you to invite up to 6 participants to join the streaming live.

We enjoyed the way you can manage guests’ access to viewers’ comments, notification when guests join, and guest authentication options that are easily added to live stream.

Is it worth it?

This is a good option if you’re searching for something that can be developed. It’s loaded with capabilities. I love how the functions work and how it is possible to manage everything right from the start.

It’s an excellent option for someone like me who likes having total control of the service, so I can take advantage of all it offers. User interfaces are smooth and straightforward to use and don’t eat up the space on your computer as software that requires to be downloaded.

At the moment, I think it’s safe to say that Streamyard is worth considering. Due to the numerous remarkable features they have and have plenty of possibilities if they make some improvements in the program. If they can get some more development, I could imagine that this could be an enormous achievement with The Streamyard team.

This is a great option to check out, and you might want to consider using it in streaming your live event.

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