For your home’s optimal performance, keeping it safeguarded giving you peace of mind–you need to make the right decisions when it comes to repairs. The fact is making the right decision helps minimize near to long-term costs. Maybe you’re mulling and trying to decide if repairing vs. replacing your roof is the best option. There are specific scenarios where a repair is an option. No matter which way you go, there are costs involved. 

When to Repair Your Roof 

So when do you repair a roof? Here are some great reasons why you should have a roof repaired:

  • There are only minor damages.  When the damage is limited, an Ottawa Roofing Company can inspect and fix it without spending too much money on a roof replacement. For example, you have a leak in the room or bathroom, it can be isolated to provide you with a healthy roof. Any minor damages such as a hole can be patched up. 
  • Do you have a tight budget? Then the option of a roof repair is better than a roof replacement. While the problem may seem extensive, it can result in a small number of repairs to save you money. 
  • Do you need a service at short notice? Are you pinched for time? Then the sudden discovery of a leaking roof can leave you in a bind. You must not postpone repairs, but if you plan to leave town, the best solution is to have it fixed. 

As you can see, having roof repairs is beneficial for many reasons. It allows you to maintain a good roof and works well in a short time, saving you money and will enable you to keep it intact. 

When Should You Have a Roof Replaced 

If you have the following scenarios, we recommend calling in an Ottawa Roofing Company to help:

  • Your roof has reached its sell-by date – the fact is that nothing lasts forever, even your roof. While a metal or clay roof can last long, your asphalt roof lasts only two decades. The same applies to wood shingles, and if they are in bad shape, a new roof might be the best option if you cannot get the same type of material. 
  • Is your roof compliant with the building codes? If you want your home to remain compliant with the changing building codes, you can replace the shingles with faulty ones. However, the max is two layers to stay within the regulations. However, if you have already used that option, the next step to fix roofing concerns is re-roofing. 
  • Another reason for having a roof replaced is when the damages are overwhelming. Sometimes the damage is so severe that you are not able to have it repaired. An excellent example is if a tree has fallen on the home, leaving you with extensive repairs. The same applies to leaks popping up everywhere. 

These are some of the main reasons you will need to have a roof replacement done, as repairs to leaking roofs are temporary solutions and do not last long. The benefit is you will end up with a new roof with a fresh look that needs no repairs for a couple of years. 

So Which One Should You Choose?

The best solution is to call in an Ottawa roofing repair team to have your roof inspected. The roofers will provide you with the best solution to have the roof repaired before replacing it. Contact a roofing specialist in your area, and check out your roof today. You may even be surprised that it only needs some repairs costing you less than a replacement.