New Orleans is a popular destination for many tourists, but also those looking for a big change in their life. Though it’s mostly remembered for the hurricane that shook it to its core, the city has been an impressive tale of building oneself back up. Today, New Orleans is vibrant, young, and full of culture, second to none!

If you’re planning to make this move, and need to figure out how to ship your car cross country, here’s everything you need to know about shipping your vehicle to New Orleans:

What Does Cross-Country Auto Shipping Involve?

Shipping a vehicle across the country to New Orleans is a bit more difficult than most people might expect. To save costs, many consider simply driving the car themselves to their new destination, but this endeavor actually may end up costing a bit more than you think.

If you want to drive the car yourself, you don’t have just the cost of gas to consider, which in itself can end up rather high, but also:

  • The wear and tear the car may suffer
  • Your health and comfort
  • The need for overnight accommodation, and resting
  • The cost of food

With professional vehicle shipping services, on the other hand, you get a much more convenient way to ship your car to New Orleans. Some benefits can include:

  • On-time arrival
  • Shipping insurance to protect your vehicle in case something goes wrong
  • More time to take care of the other aspects of your move
  • Customer service and support to help you ship your vehicle in the best way possible.

What to Look for in a Shipping Company

The auto shipping industry is vast and growing, so people looking for such services likely won’t have much difficulty finding a company to hire. Rather, much of the process will go into vetting the companies and choosing one that’s best equipped to address your needs.

A big thing to consider is their rates – auto shipping rates can differ based on when you need to ship the car, the type of container, and the mileage, so it’s best to compare 2-3 companies to see who offers the best deals. According to the A1 Auto Transport estimator, shipping cross-country to New Orleans can cost between $398 and $1136, though prices may vary depending on what types of services you need.

Other factors to help you find a company include:

  • Company reputation
  • Type of insurance
  • Fleet size
  • Type of truck they use for transport
  • Extra services you may need, etc.

Final Thoughts

Auto shipping can seem like a complicated process, but a shipping company will also help you make the best decisions to get your car safely to New Orleans, no matter what area in the country you’re shipping it from.

Get in touch with A1 Auto Transport for more information about their cross-country shipping services and an estimate.