Toronto is one of the cities in the world with a high rate of immigrants. It is no doubt that its stable growth is considered an excellent option for investing in real estate.

Do we now say that just any part of the city is good for real estate investment because of Toronto’s large square area? No, it makes no financial sense to invest in real estate in a part of the city that has little to no high real estate investment appreciation. In this article, we will highlight the seven best places to invest in real estate in Toronto.

Best places to invest in real estate in Toronto

  1. Alderwood – Alderwood is on the western side of Toronto. It used to be a former environment of the alder trees before civilization replaced the woods with the bustling community. With its closer proximity to various social amenities, it has become a desirable place of abode. From smaller family homes to larger ones and possibly the mansion kind of spaces you need are available at Alderwood. It seems to be still undergoing development from the old Alderwood to the new one, so it is a long-run investment you should consider.
  2. Moss Park – The neighborhood formerly used to be a “black sheep” residential area in downtown Toronto. To invest in this neighborhood, you need to have a deep pocket because of its proximity to downtown. If it requires some cool cash to buy a home in Moss Park, Toronto, it is a considerable investment for you. It is no doubt one of the areas in Toronto city to consider investing in real estate.
  3. East Downtown – The west downtown has experienced so much investment, and there is hardly any more available space for new investors. So the very smart investors find their way to the east downtown, which has not experienced the kind of growth the west downtown has experienced. For these reasons, it has made our list of the best places to invest. Sooner than later, more investors will be open to exploring the west side of downtown because of its closeness to the central areas and the freebies that come with downtown Toronto offers. The condos in the area are pocket friendly and are according to the individual’s taste. CondoMapper can help you to navigate your way through and get your choice picked out.
  4. Mimico – If buying on a budget and getting good results, in the long run, are what you consider as an investor, Mimico is a good choice. It doesn’t have the majority of investors because it is a new neighborhood that is yet to attract many investors. There is nothing to worry about because of its closeness to Downtown, Highpark, and central Toronto, the entry-level for the geographical area, the prices will go higher. This means only the smart investors will key into the opportunity now and earn big then.
  5. Leaside – It is another suitable and good place to invest in real estate in Toronto. It is close to downtown and other central places in Toronto hence its good choice. With Leaside surrounded by Lawrence park, Mt. Pleasant, and Rosedale valley, it’s a struggle for people to recognize and see it as a suitable place for investment. Notwithstanding, smart investors have started to find their way into this part of the city because it is cheaper to invest in, unlike other neighborhoods. It also has proximity to social amenities.
  6. Rosedale – The real estate investors refer to this neighborhood as “the crown jewel of Toronto’s real estate.” The reason is whatever you buy in this part of the city is worth the value price, whether small or big.
  7. Andrews – As an investor, investing in St. Andrews is an easier and smarter one for you. You don’t have to compete with the luxury buyers as just a few of them find their way into this neighborhood. With its proximity to schools, highways, and transit, you will most likely seek to invest and make money in the future. Sooner, people will have to seek a better alternative in terms of price, and they will find your investments in St. Andrews.

In conclusion

Real estate is not something to joke about, and it is a long-run business idea. The investment properties can be any detached homes, attached homes, Condos, and townhomes in Toronto’s neighborhoods depending on the kind of properties you want to invest in and most particularly according to your budget. There are a lot of them to choose from on CondoMapper. So feel free to choose from any of the seven best places to invest in real estate in Toronto.