Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve as technology and search engines grow and expand. In addition to this, SEO work consistently adjusts to the changing needs of digital marketing. The ever changing nature of the internet necessitates the need for informed and experienced SEO agencies and professionals. In fact, an entry for the Journal of Business Research states that, “In digital marketing planning, keyword choice for search engine positioning is crucial for customer attraction, and the associated investment is an increasingly relevant part of the marketing budget.” This illustrates how vital keyword planning and SEO is, as corporations are continuously adding space for SEO work in their marketing budgets. Large scale corporations and enterprises, however, require even more SEO work and a bigger team of SEO professionals. 

TopRankings is a Melbourne based SEO agency that was founded in 2007. The agency, which is headed by Noam Judah, provides a variety of SEO services to a diverse range of industries. TopRankings serves a global clientele, and has the fortitude to cater to large scale corporations. 

Enterprise SEO: What is it? 

Enterprise SEO is the development of key SEO strategies that target the organic traffic, revenue and presence for large scale corporations. The scale of the business and what makes it worthy of enterprise SEO, however, is the volume and size of its online presence and content. The ultimate goal for enterprise SEO is to increase the visibility and ranking of corporations on search engines, such as Google. 


What separates enterprise SEO from other forms of SEO work is the fact that the corporations that are targeted have large amounts of content and webpages. This means that the SEO strategy needs to be able to evolve and grow as the content and corporation does. As a result, other forms of SEO work that target different organizations may not, and often do not, work for larger organizations. Enterprise SEO prioritizes keywords and ensures that their adoption is ambitious and consistent. 


Large corporations and businesses often require a dedicated team to orchestrate their SEO work and digital marketing. This is in the effort to remain consistent in search engine rankings. Because of this, many corporations outsource the expertise of SEO agencies. This allows corporations to have a group of professionals to focus on their very specific, and often complicated, SEO strategy. These teams will organize and maintain the entire SEO process, and keep track of linking. 

Noam Judah on Enterprise SEO: Budgets and Tactics


Keyword Research

Major corporations require extensive amounts of research and maintenance when optimizing their content. The primary example of this is the use of targeted keywords in order to boost a company’s rankings. This is, almost across the board, one of the most powerful tactics of Enterprise SEO, necessitates the conducting of concentrated research about keywords and topics.


It’s a pretty simple idea. If a business hopes to spur organic traffic to its website, it needs to first narrow down and recognize the ideas that their target demographic is interested in. From here, they can identify the queries and keywords this group uses in order to navigate their interests online, as well as the purpose driving every search.


This research will elucidate the framework a company must use in order to draw people towards their site. SEO agencies are extremely adept at honing in on this information for each business individually, tailoring a strategy for their clients to reach their goals.


Put simply, the research they can undertake on their customers’ behalf will reveal the valuable keywords that put their sites in front of customers. Naturally, at an enterprise level everything (including the number of keywords/search phrases) is upscaled.

Site Optimization

While keyword research is a vital component of any Enterprise SEO strategy, it will be rendered completely ineffective if a site’s design is too inadequate for its content to be found by Google. In order to rank websites, the search engine needs to be able to scrape and index the site. Facilitating this function by making content easy to reach with good site architecture can go a long way.


This task can be daunting enough for individuals seeking to optimize their own sites, but at an enterprise level will require an outsourced SEO agency’s expertise in order to complete. This is because the optimization of such large scale sites involves adding many hundreds of assets to improve the website’s accessibility to Google’s crawl and index functions.

Competitor Research 

As is the case in almost all other forms of marketing, keeping one eye on competitors is a core tenet of enterprise SEO. Breaking down the driving factors behind the success of a client’s competitors is vital in order to improve their own search engine ranking. It provides far more insight than merely the keywords their client is not currently using.


In fact, a more effective enterprise SEO strategy will implement insights concerning who the client is actually competing with on Google in addition to content disparities in order to enable a client to outrank their competitors.


Naturally, with how effective SEO strategies are, their average cost is not cheap. Those looking to truly receive serious results from their SEO strategies need to be prepared to invest. The three pricing models that can be commonly seen among providers of these services are per hour, per month and per project rates.


Enterprise level SEO strategies are usually offered by larger agencies that often charge on either a per month or per project basis depending on the client’s requirements. It is uncommon for such companies to charge on an hourly basis because of the sheer amount of time that must be dedicated to produce effective strategies at this scale.


Because of the different pricing models used by SEO agencies it can be difficult to determine an average cost for these services. That being said, it is widely recommended to invest in a monthly plan as all the details will be cemented (i.e. pricing and deadline).

Final Comments

At the end of the day, enterprise SEO is an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool that implements a number of creative tactics (such as keyword research and optimization of site architecture) to drive organic traffic. However, as with most things in life, you will get what you pay for, which is why it is recommended to invest in a reputable provider of SEO services.

While it may seem to be a considerable investment, it is cheaper than other traditional marketing alternatives and provides a reliable metric for tracking its effectiveness. On top of this, SEO has demonstrated one of the highest ROIs in all of digital marketing, with businesses receiving an average of $22.24 in return for each $1 spent.