The British racer is going to have a comeback after a hiatus in the racing world . The break was not unproductive as he co-produced and acted in a film and allowed himself to try out many other things in life. Nonetheless, he plans on returning to the race track for the Intercity Platinum Cup in April 2022.

Although Reklaw’s recent film “Shame” was also based in Turkey, he hasn’t yet managed to debut there in the racing world. The negotiations for competing in the Red Bull Drift Championship with the Redline Drift Team and the Turkish drift championship were in process in May this year. However, at the time, Reklaw was swamped with commitments and had to back out. Nonetheless, the Intercity Platinum Cup for 2022 awaits.

Turkish motorsport has its place in the world. With fantastic scenery, mixed culture, and amazing coffee, it is not only home to one of the friendliest people out there but also caters to racers from all around the world. The Istanbul Circuit is one of the finest in the world. The Intercity Platinum Cup will entertain around fifteen drivers.

The Intercity Platinum Cup is a part of the Intercity Cup races, and although Reklaw hasn’t driven on the track before, he is no newcomer to the Caterham races. He, along with his teammate Javier Racon bagged the win as the 2018 Latam Champions, although it wasn’t easy, because he remarked that, “We had some fantastic drivers competing together including, Tatan Mejia, Ivan Hernandez and also some British and French Caterham Champions.” 

Sam Reklaw plans to participate in a prestigious 6 hours of Bogota race before the Intercity Platinum Cup. Having previously raced on 4 occasions, he has managed to finish a personal best of 2nd, but aims to win his category in the six-hour-long race this season.