For most celebrities, fame is to be famous. Not so much for singer Rxchie, who manages to capture the hearts of R&B lovers  and work with big brands such as Taco Bell, Sony, Capcom, and Infinity Ward without showing his face.

Rxchie doesn’t talk much. He just sings. He’s that simple. Frankly, Rxchie’s lack of a full-time public persona is one of the young R&B singer’s most endearing qualities. He doesn’t give interesting interviews. He doesn’t tweet recklessly. He doesn’t troll. Rxchie is getting ready to drop his first ep, and he’s doing so with minimal fanfare. The singer will likely earn the first no. 1 ep of his career later this year, no small feat for a budding star who styles himself incognito and carries himself like a civilian.

Rxchie, 25, is the biggest R&B breakout artist of the past few years. Despite his chilly, subdued musical style, which favors ambiance over climax, Rxchie is shaping up to be one of his genre’s defining acts of the decade. He blew up a couple of years ago after his Single Love More. If there’s any radio earworm you might recognize even if you couldn’t pick Rxchie out of a lineup, it’s “Love More” which serves as an encapsulation of his style: talkative crooning over lonesome hi-hats and ethereal vocal samples

Rxchie is a populist star. With his ability, he can switch up from soft and tender R&B to braggadocious rap very effortlessly. Rxchie also cites video games, comic books, indie films, and Japanese anime as inspirations for his unique style. Although Rxchie is not the first to bring rap sonics to R&B songcraft, he has been one of the best at branding.

Often Drake seeks artists that fit within or can be consumed by, his own dark mix of rap and R&B, and Rxchie fits well within the lineage of The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, and Majid Jordan. Before the lines of R&B and rap fully blurred, a rapper on an R&B song would bluntly state its emotional themes, while the singer would only offer hints. Apple launched Beats 1 Radio, which doubled down on iTunes Radio’s commitment to Rxchie.  Apple Music exclusively streamed the singer’s single a week before its release.

“I’m very grateful but I’m still not satisfied. I have a new set of goals that I’m trying to accomplish by this time next year.”  – Rxchie