Robert Fleeman and his Daughter Amy at Lake Tahoe

Success is the motivator behind our world. We all want to succeed in one way or another. We look forward to long-term successes like getting married to our soulmate or becoming rich while also craving short-term success like buying something we want or eating our favorite food for lunch. But, getting to success is not as simple as just working for it.

Sure, you might be the most dedicated person in the world, but even you won’t be able to succeed at everything just because you put in the effort. It would help if had a lot of strategy and mindfulness to truly become successful, and Robert Fleeman’s guide on success is a cheat sheet to improve your chances.

But before we dive into his teachings;

Who is Robert Fleeman?

At first glance, Robert Fleeman is an average humble family man and a fantastic father. A deeper look will reveal his true identity as a life coach who has been helping people get around all sorts of mental barriers. He isn’t your typical self-help guru, though. Unlike many others, his teachings come from a place of personal experience. He knows what a tough life looks like and how to improve your mental state after a rough time.

Without further ado, here is a quick summary of his teachings on success. (You can read the whole guide and a lot more at

Define success

The word success is highly relative. It can mean anything and everything. So, before you even think about putting in the effort, spend time figuring out what success means for you. Define a clear boundary of success for yourself and then start figuring out ways to get there.

Success starts from within

Looking to gain success from sources outside of your control is the biggest mistake. If you want to become successful, you have to start from the inside. Start doing things that you have control over. It can be anything from your behavior, effort, routine, plans, goals. Do anything you can to get ever closer to your definition of success.

Robert Fleeman and his Wife Kathy on Vacation

Never let your journey get stale

Never let your success journey get stale and boring. For example, let’s say your goal is to get rich. The initial point of your journey was enjoyable. You learned a skill or earned a degree and found a job. Now, all you’re doing is saving money for your retirement. Sure, you might reach your goal with this method, but something so dull and repetitive will make you lose any interest you had in your dream of becoming rich.

Instead, save some money, then try to invest it. Maybe look into starting a business with that saved up money. Now take this example, and apply it to your goals and aspirations. Remember that the journey is just as important as the end goal.

Be committed

Becoming successful takes time and effort. There will be times where you would want to quit and waste all of your previous efforts. There will be times when you’d think that it’s taking too long. Both of these crises can be avoided if you are committed to your cause. Embrace the journey, and you’ll reach success in no time.

Don’t overwork yourself

Robert Fleeman is a huge advocate of mental wellbeing. Striving for success is one thing, but putting your physical and psychological health in danger over it is another. You come first; everything else is secondary.

This confidence in one’s self and ability to reach our goals is the essence of Robert Fleeman’s coaching and life lessons.