In the battle between Instagram Reels and Tiktok, which big man will have the advantage? And how to download Tiktok videos, download Instagram videos will all be answered.

What are Instagram Reels?

If you are familiar with the Tiktok platform, then Instagram Reels is the same application.

Recently launched by Instagram with functions that allow you to create and share videos. With a duration of  60 seconds, other users can see the video on the Instagram highlights page.

Despite being criticized for plagiarizing Tiktok, the application still receives positive feedback from influencers and businesses. Like Tiktok, Reels provides tools to help you create interesting clips.

Instagram Reels app

Available features from sound, text, effects, and stickers are all very easy to use. If Tiktok has “For you” then Instagram provides a dedicated slot at the top of the page for “Reels”.

From here you will see videos of popular and trending accounts on Instagram. Attractive clips increase sharply, making the demand for downloading Instagram videos compete strongly with the demand for downloading Tiktok videos. 

Overview of Tiktok and Instagram Reels

Users look to these applications also because of the utility that they can bring. With these factors, Instagram Reels or Tiktok will do better in supporting creativity?

  • Sound storage

This can be said to be the most attractive feature that both platforms bring to users.

With Tiktok you can use any sound in the application’s vast library. In addition, you can use sounds that other users have recorded or even your own recordings.

This is also the point where Instagram Reels is somewhat more limited to users. In this application, not all accounts can access optional music. Currently, business accounts cannot use this feature.

However, the security of Instagram Reels is more appreciated for the author’s copyright.

  • Video length can create

With the Tiktok application, you can create short videos of 15 seconds or as long as 60 seconds. These two options help users create more creative and diverse videos. Users looking to download tiktok videos also have more choices.

Instagram Reels only supports a maximum duration of 30 seconds. However, according to the survey, at this time, you can still freely present. Surely this feature will also be updated on the application soon.

This makes downloading your Instagram videos simpler without having to choose too much.

How to download Tiktok video

Want to find the videos you’ve watched on tiktok but don’t know where to start? You only know how to record interesting videos but can’t be satisfied with their quality?

One tool that can solve all these problems for you is Let’s see how great TikMate is.


First of all, it is very simple to use. You just need to copy the URL of the video on tiktok by pressing “Share” and “Copy Link”.

Then access TikMate with any tool you have such as phone, computer… Finally, just click Download to finish downloading your favorite Tiktok video with perfect Mp4 quality.

Not only fast but also absolutely safe as you don’t have to sign up for an account. Besides, this tool is completely free, so use it whenever you need it.

How to download Instagram video

Similar to, SnapInsta is a dedicated tool for you to freely download your favorite Instagram videos.

You do not need to log in to any Instagram account to download clips quickly. Just copy the URL of the video on your Instagram Reels. Use the link to paste it into the SnapInsta text box.

SnapInsta Tool

Now just click download and you’re done. Rest assured because this tool is completely free for all the clips you like.

These clips will usually be saved in the download on your phone or you can select “Ctrl + J” to search on your PC.

Put on the scale two applications Instagram Reels and Tiktok

In essence, Instagram Reels and Tiktok are almost the same. Both in terms of providing space for creativity and sharing widely with people. These features and effects are considered to be the best support tools available today.

However, in order to compare, you need to understand the following factors.

Firstly, if tiktok is a platform then reels are just a feature in Instagram’s ecosystem. The stories you share on reels will disappear after 24 hours, Tiktok will stay.

Besides Instagram reels does not yet support file upload available, completely opposite of tiktok. In addition, users can duet, record, and upload directly to the application’s system.


Whether it’s Instagram Reels or Tiktok, you’ll get a great creative experience. If you know how to combine tools to support download video tiktok, download Instagram video above, it will definitely be more perfect.

I hope you have a pleasant experience.