Now that football is back in action and squads are competing hotly for the leagues, it’s wise to remember that a football gift can make a good present.

Be it Fathers’ Day, a birthday, or even a gift for yourself. These are the best football presents.

Have a look, and you’re sure to see one that would make one of the best football gifts for that special someone who loves the beautiful game.

  • Your Own Customised Football Snood

Thankfully the pandemic is over! But many people have found that snoods are comfortable and cool. Did you know that you can get customised sports-themed snoods from Club Snoods? Thanks to the designers at this fantastic snood company, you can have any design on your snood. Your own personalised snood is a really cool way to show your support for your time whilst staying warm and hygienic.

All kinds of designs are already waiting, so you’re sure to find football snoods that advertise the teams you support.

They are made specially from polyester to ensure snug and comfy around the face. Stretchy, so they are a snug match no matter the size of your noggin or face shape. These stylish snoods are also super hard-wearing and of superior quality.

Each batch of custom snoods is created exclusively in Photoshop using lead graphic designers. Our lead designers typically design out three dazzling designs to get things started.

As soon as a customer is pleased with the design and has purchased it, it is sent to the print crew, who use cutting-edge technology to print designs on the soft, breathable polyester fabric.

  • Personalised Team Football Team History Book

Researchers have compiled and written a comprehensive history of the key footballing teams in the UK’s top leagues, dating from the early 20th century to the modern era.

This custom-bound A4 hardback contains all the key football chronicles of your chosen side, including the recent season’s coverage. This isn’t like the dull history books you normally see. This amazing journal features gripping newspaper stories to provide a real glimpse into the action at the time.

They’re made from quality material, so you can expect these personalised books to look the shiz. It’s the kind of book you can proudly display on a cabinet in the living room or above the fireplace.

Personalised, especially with your favourite football team’s name and your chosen name on the front cover, this makes a truly awesome present! 

  1. “Do Not Disturb; I’m Watching Football” Socks

These funny socks are just the ticket when you’re putting your feet up and don’t want to be disturbed watching the footie! Made from the softest fabric but durable, you can expect that you’ll get the peace and quiet you need when watching your team take it home.

These great socks make a great gift for any football fan, male or female, who likes to sit down and watch their favourite team. They’ll appreciate the durability and build of these socks, which are sure to last a long time and be held as a cherished gift.

  1. Stylish, Minimalist Print Of Your Football Stadium

These pictures feature a chic, printed picture of your chosen football side’s hometown ground in a contemporary, stripped-down design that will complement every décor.

Every footy enthusiast would be delighted to have this imprint as a present, be it your father, sister, girlfriend, or close friend. Football grounds are symbolic and hallowed venues to football lovers worldwide and are often considered a ‘home from home’, thus making this a fabulous keepsake.

  1. Michael Parkinson’s Book About George Best

There is no football fan who does not respect the legend of George Best.

Best was a gifted footballer. He shaped an era at Manchester United. He ran rings around the best defences in England and performed unparalleled skills to the enthralment of Manchester United and the world. The enfant terrible of English football would have been 75 this year.

This book – written by television presenter Michael Parkinson – and titled “George Best: a Memoir” makes an excellent gift for any soccer fan.

Probably amongst the most well-known footballers, George Best, despite a wild personal life, continues to be acclaimed for his prowess as a formidable striker.

This biography differs from others as it blends Parkinson’s personal memories with other stories of the time to create a truly engaging and fascinating read.