The statistics are relentless and they continue to be confirmed annually by the World Economic Forum and Forbes magazine. It states that 90% of new companies and startups are closed within the first 5 years of life. Why do you think this is happening? We are confident that every entrepreneur is passionate about expanding their business. Unfortunately, passion alone is not enough to grow and scale your startup, is it?

Trying to understand this problem, you can find many reasons why this is happening, among them: lack of funding, technical limitations and difficulties, weak marketing and sales, unskilled management.

It doesn’t matter how big your startup is. It can be a small company or a large corporate endeavor. Startup is just a term. Every company was once a startup. 

Any startup needs a CRM and email marketing software for small business. It will help eliminate some of the problems and lay a solid foundation for development.

We present 10of the most obvious signs that your startup needs CRM. 

  1. People don’t know that you exist

If the company manages to establish its name in the target business community, then we can say that half of the work has already been done.

  1. The sales manager left – the client left

This metric suggests that your startup depends on the individual qualities of individual employees. Your customers should be loyal and attached to your company, not to its individual employees.

  1. It became difficult to communicate and understand customers

This is another big reason why your startup needs CRM. Every entrepreneur understands that customer retention is no less important than attracting new ones. If you do not have the tools to keep the entire history of interactions with existing customers, it will be extremely difficult for you to retain them. CRM will help you solve this problem.

  1. You can’t find the customer information you want when you need it

Inefficient storage of data about your most valuable asset – customers, drives another nail into your company’s coffin. Don’t be negligent about it.

  1. You have high traffic to the site, but no conversions

Perhaps because your website or app isn’t personalized for every single customer? And you can’t do that until you start collecting customer data and actively using CRM. Remember, customers always want personalization.

  1. You make decisions based on intuition, not on the basis of specific data

Well-organized information in CRM will enable you to make decisions and predict results based on specific data and metrics.

  1. A customer called, but you have no idea what, how and when he bought from you

This clearly will not add to your reputation, but positive to the client, right? Customers always expect personalized communication at all stages of the sale.

  1. There is no understanding of what products and services are of interest to potential customers

Despite the high traffic to the site and the workload of the sales department, you still do not have an understanding of what exactly customers are interested in. If you are interested in high sales, it is very important to understand and direct resources to the products and services that interest your customers the most.

  1. It is difficult to determine what to invest in for business development

Predictive analytics is a feature available in most modern CRM for startups. Thanks to her, decisions regarding future investments in development are made much easier and more competently.

  1. Sales managers do not have any information about customers when they are “in the field”

Lack of information about potential customers, or even worse, finding it out over the phone is not only ineffective, but not professional in the eyes of your customers.