RE/MAX’s Turkey office, one of the world’s leading real estate companies, will produce its own energy with solar panels for a sustainable future.


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ISTANBUL (TR) – RE/MAX Turkey, one of the first companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact agreement at the beginning of 2020, has started to produce its own energy with solar panels for a more livable future. The solar energy system, which is being used at the company’s headquarters, will also be monitored through an application. In this way, the company will be able to track how much electricity is generated instantly.

“We are responsible for leaving a more livable world for our children”

Stating that companies that keep their focus in this direction should be an example to each other in these days when clean energy becomes much more important, RE/MAX Turkey Regional Director Murat Goldştayn said, “We have to leave a more livable world for our children. Renewable energy sources are very important for us and for future generations. As RE/MAX Turkey, a family where more than 4,500 people meet, we will continue to be both a pioneer and a guide on these issues.”

In addition, RE/MAX Turkey also supports reforestation and commemorative forests projects through its work together with TEMA. Moreover, the company will also implement innovative projects related to forest areas by the end of the year.

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