A property valuation is a basic but important step in the process of selling your house. If you don’t know the worth of your home, you may be underpricing it or overpricing it, making it difficult to meet your relocation goals.

What is property valuation?

Simply put, obtaining an estimate of the value of your home from an estate agent or independent valuer is the process of obtaining a property valuation. This is based on a variety of characteristics such as location, size, and condition, and is provided to assist you in determining what a reasonable asking price for your home would be. You can even opt for an instant online property valuation from the comfort of your homes.

What is the significance of property valuations?

Getting your property evaluated is vital for two reasons: first, to figure out what price you should ask, and second, to plan your budget for your future house move.

Asking price

A property valuation aids you in determining a reasonable asking price for your home based on its current value. At least three independent appraisals from different estate agents or independent valuers are advised. At least three property valuations will not only offer you an average, but they will also show you if an agent is pricing the property too cheap or too expensive. You can then challenge the agent’s reasons and make an informed decision about who you want to work with.

Making a financial plan

After you’ve determined the asking price for your home, you can figure out how much you’ll be able to spend during your relocation.

With so many online property valuation tools available, it’s natural to become enthusiastic if one of them suggests that your home is worth more than you expected. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of using online valuation tools. Because the internet has a multitude of information for both buyers and sellers, it’s worth taking your time and completing your homework to avoid being disappointed later.

Pros of online valuation

When it comes to determining the market worth of your house, online valuation tools might be an excellent place to start. Most online valuations are free, and you may enter information about your house whenever it is convenient for you, without having to pick up the phone or leave the comfort of your home. These estimates should only be used as a ‘guide’ at first to estimate how much you might be able to afford to spend on a new home. An estate agent will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the value of your property, as well as information on how much similar properties in your region have previously sold for.

They can also be a useful reference tool for purchasers, as they will be able to compare house sales prices of similar properties in the region to those that are currently on the market.

Cons of Online valuation

The statistics are calculated by website valuation tools using a distinct set of formulas. Thus each valuation will differ significantly. As a result, they should only be used as a rough estimate of your home’s current market value. Hiring an expert with local knowledge will provide you with a far more accurate estimate.

It’s also worth noting that the figures generated by these online valuation tools are automatically generated using historic sale data, so they won’t take into account if any significant work has been done to add value to the property since the last recorded sale price, which could affect the potential market value. If there is a wide variety of styles and designs of properties in the same location, the valuation supplied may be influenced. There are much too many real-life factors for an auto-generated programme to account for.

Professional valuers vs. online tools

A trained RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) chartered surveyor will use their skills and knowledge of the local area and current property market when performing a property valuation. They will consider all of the elements that an automated platform cannot, giving you a considerably more accurate estimate.

In conclusion, internet valuation tools can be a wonderful place to start when you’re just getting started and want to know how much money you’ll be able to put towards your new house from the sale of your old one. Because the findings differ so much from website to website, they don’t depend simply on the first assessment you get; you’ll need to hire a professional valuer to sell your property and to get a mortgage/loan if you’re looking to buy.

Always follow the opinion of a surveyor or a valuer from a local estate agent, as this is more likely to be a more accurate property valuation. If your asking price is too high or you refuse to negotiate, your home may take longer to sell. On the other hand, online property valuations also have their fair share of advantages of getting things done instantly for buyers who prioritise time.