Getting registered in National Engineering Register NER means a booming engineering career in Australia. In this article we interview Professional CDR, a leading engineering assessment services company, to gather all the information that engineers need to know about the much-desired NER.

What is National Engineering Register (NER)?

National Engineering Register (NER) is a directory meant for those Australian Engineers who have achieved the peak standards of professionalism in their field of work in the industry. It is considered as a platform that connects the most trusted engineers in Australia with the best opportunities that they could wish for. It is no surprise as to why suitably qualified engineers dream to be a part of it

Why Should Engineers Consider Registering in NER?

In Australia, the National Engineering Register is deemed as a mark of excellence and professionalism. If an engineer is registered in this directory, he or she will be among a public database that the wider population can access.

This will make sure that an engineer will be recognized as a professional engineer. One which has the suitable academic credentials, the professional experience and the competencies that industries require.

The National Engineering Registry is unlike any other government-run directory of limited practice areas. It has a wide range of applications for employers who can access the information in this register to select skilled engineers for their projects or businesses. It’s a platform for capable and talented engineers to gain recognition and status in the engineering community.

In addition, NER is considered as a pathway to obtain engineering registration in Australian states that have registrations laws. For example, Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) in Queensland regulates engineers registration scheme in the state.


What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Join NER?

Those aspiring to join NER should meet the following eligibility criteria and have the following:

  • Accredited qualification, Stage 1 assessment or Migration Skills Assessment (MSA).
  • Professional experience of 5+ years.
  • Currency of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).
  • Ethical Behavior commitment.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What Are the Areas of Practice of NER?

Depending on education, work expertise and skills, engineers can choose a suitable area of practice. NER General Areas of Practice are:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Information, telecommunication and electronics
  • Electrical Engineering

What is the Application Process for NER Registration and Formalities?

Here the entire process is explained step wise:

  • A good written work experience statement is required (seek professional help): Work experience assessment is submitted to ensure that the applicants meet all the technical competencies in the area of practice that they applied for. Here, applicants need to describe the roles, duties and responsibilities, key achievements, and projects they have fore taken their career so far.
  • CPD (Continuing professional development) statement is to be submitted during the last 3-year duration.
  • Provide Professional Referees: the applicants have to select 2 professional referees who can approve and recommend all the work experience details that they have written in their statement to strength the claims that they are true. A possible professional referee can be from the current employer. In case the applicant has been working for 5+ years, then the past employers can also be mentioned.Other possible referees include current and previous colleagues.
  • Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII):  NER Applicants must satisfy the requirement of PII which can be obtained through their current employer.
  • Interview: The applicant’s nominated referees are all contacted by email or phone the NER panel for discussion, and the applicant is also interviewed via a video conference call.


How Does Professional CDR Help Engineers in NER Assessment?

We are a US-registered company who provide all types of engineering skills assessment services such as NER, CDR and Chartered assessment in Australia. Our professional teams support engineers to obtain their NER registration by guiding applicants in preparing the required assessment files, submitting the application, and giving best advice to pass the interview.