There are many Clothes Store where you can buy your clothes, but have you heard about a clothing store, in which you can sell your old clothes. You heard that right, at any Plato’s Closet near me you can sell your old clothes. You can check out Plato’s closet anytime of the day just be sure to check Plato’s Closet hours.

Once you check Plato’s Closet hours then it’s all just a matter of visit. Plato’s Closet is not only known for buying your old clothes, it is known for their unique style and fashion sense. One can find the trendiest of clothing at Plato’s Closet. One can also check their official website for Plato’s Closet locations.

There are millions of clothing stores in America, but out of these stores are like Plato’s Closet. The amount of variety you get in this Consignment store near me is straight up amazing. You can find what fits you very easily. Once you shop at Plato’s Closet you can rest assure you are getting the best quality products in the cheapest of price?

Plato’s Closet is Now In Fayetteville NC

Plato’s Closet has an aim that aim is to target people in their early teens and twenty. This age group is so difficult to target because of the competition involved with it. With all that competition Plato’s Closet has developed a reputation for themselves of having the most affordable clothing options available. 

Plato’s Closet is just a quick search away; one can find Plato’s Closet near me. Plato’s Closet has built a very strong relationship with its customers, and that relationship is locality. Usually the customers that come to Plato’s Closet consist of families that are looking for affordable yet fashionable options, these families also appreciate the fact that one can sell their old clothes at Plato’s Closet.

Earn Money By Giving Off Clothes

Think of this as a way to earn a little extra on the side, we here at Plato’s Closet knows that it is very hard to earn money, there are blood sweat and tears involved, so wouldn’t be great if one has the ability to sell their own clothes back to the store. 

This case is even more evident if we talk about teenagers and people in their early twenty. Most of the retail market is centered around this demographic. In this age teens and people in their early twenties do part time work, so wouldn’t it be great to earn a little extra cash on side.

 If we talk about the advantages of Plato’s Closet, then once has to mention that fact that Plato’s Closet carries all the items from retailers in one place to give you easy access to all the variety. If one finds Plato’s Closet near me then all of the benefits mentioned above can be enjoyed.

The process of selling your clothes to Plato’s Closet is easy as 1,2,3. In three simple steps one can earn money of your old clothes. The process starts with step number one, in which you bring all of your used clothes and accessories to Plato’s Closet. In step number two we will review all the of the items that you have brought to us for selling.

We will check out its style its stuff its condition, and give you a quick estimate on how much we can give you for that particular piece of clothing. After that all is left is, step number three, in this step will pay you cash on the step, if you have accepted our offer.

Plato’s Closet One Of The Fastest Growing Resale Retail Franchise

The main reason of Plato’s Closet being one of the fastest growing resale retail franchise is because of following factors, 

  1. Trust
  2. Performance
  3. Transparency
  4. Team

These four perimeters set us apart from the rest of our competition, let’s talk about our values a bit more in details to better understand our work ethics, most companies do have different values but they hardly act upon them here at Plato’s Closet we honor our values, and by acting upon it we make sure that our company starts at the top.

1) Trust

Trust is probably the most important value, company could have. By having its customers trust them insures the growth of both, the company’s reputation and profits. At Plato’s Closet we put our customers first at every task, we put trust in our customers.

Our customers know that they will get the best possible service at any Plato’s Closet locations. It does not matter to us whether you are buying or selling, we insure that we treat each and every customer with respect. So whether you buy one shirt or one hundred you are granted that you will be given the same priority as anyone else.

The trust factor between us and our customers is at a very large scale, we insure that every item you buy has our love and care integrated into it. So you can shop till your heart content and give us the pleasure of serving you.

2) Performance

Here at Plato’s Closet we take our performance very seriously, there are times that our customers only visit us because of our performance. By performance we mean all the factors like customer care, satisfaction and everything. Our customers are proud of our performance, that is one of the main reason why our customers always return to shop more.

Now there is an important point to be noted here that, performance does not equal more sale. Sales is related to many factors, no doubt performance plays an important part but we do not mean that performance is the key of boosting sale, we here at Plato’s Closet believe in customer satisfaction and care.

The most important aspect of our business is putting smiles on the faces of our customers, we offer such nice loathes which are stylish and affordable. These factors combined bring smile on the faces of our customers. we believe to boost our performance we need to put more smiles on the faces of our customers.

Giving the ability of selling clothes to us by our customers is surely a morale booster, who doesn’t want to make extra money on the side, by empowering the customers we believe that it will increase our relationship with the customers, the trust factor is more evident now as more and more people will come to use to sell or buy.

3) Transparency 

It is one of our most important values, we don’t confuse our customers with lies and deception, we always remain transparent. Whenever you buy or sell clothes, shoes, purses to us we remain 100% transparent, we won’t give you a bad deal or we won’t sweet talk you into buying unnecessary things that you don’t need.

All the other stores will indulge in these cheap tactics; they will sweet talk a customer into buying unnecessary items just to increase their sales, this type of practice is strictly prohibited at Plato’s Closet. Like mentioned before we believe in 100% customer transparency, if our customer does not like our collection we will never push him to buy anything.

Same is the case with selling items. if our customers do not like our given deal he can simply refuse, we will not push him to sell his item on a price he is not comfortable with. This is the main difference between us and our competitors. Our work ethics is far more important to us.

When you come to shop in our store we make sure to guide you about all the policies and procedures about our store, this includes our return policy, buying policy, selling policy. We remain 100% honest with you as there are no hidden terms when it comes to Platos Closet.

4) Team

At Platos Closet we treat all of our customers as family, our hardworking team consist of professional works which are obligated to follow your instructions and to guide you. this case is more evident when you come for a visit, one can find help from all of our team members.

One can even ask them to suggest a nice dress, one can ask for their honest opinion. Because we operate as a team we know each team member is dependent on one another, so when one of our team member needs help. All the other team members come forward.

 Same is the case with our customer engagement. When a customer asks for help, every team member will come to help them. now one can take help from our team members while selling their clothes, shoes, purses. An honest opinion can mean the difference between a good deal and bad deal.

If you like you can sell and buy at the same time, you can bring our items that you want to sell and after we give you a price for said item you can either take cash or buy new items instead. It is all up to you, there is a reason why so many families in America visit us on daily basis, this is all because of our work ethics. 

Leading Resale Space Near You 

Our stores are especially popular with teens, at Platos Closet we know that only hot and trendy items will garner most attention. For this reason, we choose our inventory very carefully. Now a day there are many places where teens gets inspiration. These places are social media, music industry, entertainment industry and last but not the least fashion industry.

To meet all of our customer’s demands we have developed our brand accordingly. At Platos Closet locations near you, one can find high quality, gently used clothes that are affordable to many and are very stylish. Here at Platos Closet we understand that young people young people are in to clothes as compared to matured people.

Visit To Avail The best Deal

Keeping this factor in mind we introduced our new collection of clothes, you can buy from our recent collection or you can buy form our previous collections, there are no compromises on quality, the fun and bold look of our clothes will make you stand out.

One of the defining factors of Platos Closet is selling good quality clothes in cheap prices for all public. One can get very nice clothes in cheap prices. The clothes one may get are made of very high quality, the only reason one could ever afford such expensive clothes, is buying from Platos Closet

We have many competitors but no one can get close to us because of our excellent service and quality. If one wants to check out other brands then he can as he pleases, because we know that after checking out others brands our customers will come right back to us. Our attractive pricing and quality has no match.

There may be many convenient stores in the area but none can match what we can offer, here at Platos Closet we know that every individual has his own preferences when it comes to clothing, Platos Closet offer such a large variety of products that it takes considerable amount of time while choosing what you seem right.

Buying Expensive Items in reasonable prices

One of the best aspects of Platos Closet is that you can get expensive items in reasonable prices these items include handbags, shoes, clothes, accessories, you name it we got it. Other convenient stores only sales a hand full of items but Platos Closet has a wide variety of everything.

To shop at Platos Closet you have to make free space in yours seclude because you are going to find so many things to buy. If you buy all the things at its retail value, you are looking at thousands of dollars in bills. It is the quality of Platos Closet that allows people to shop to one’s heart intent.

Like mentioned above every Platos Closet near me gives the opportunity to sale one owns clothes. It is a quick and easy way to buy more clothes. Think of this in this way that you are buying new clothes while paying with old ones, this offer is not only limited to clothes but also to other accessories as well.

If you like you can bring in our own accessories and get an idea of how much money you will get after selling them. there is a fine line between selling your old item and selling your item for good price. Suppose you are buying something very expensive and you don’t have enough money on hand, what would you do?

You come to Platos Closet of course, here you can buy everything you need in most affordable prices, if you want you can sell your old stuff to gather money for your next shopping spree.

Some Words About Platos Closet 

If you wanted to know about Platos Closet, then we are here to help. in this article we will give you a brief introduction about Platos Closet and Platos Closet locations, while you can search Platos Closet near me or Platos Closet locations to get the location of the closet Platos Closet store near you. 

We will discuss in brief about Platos Closet. As you may already know, Platos Closet buys and sells used clothes, they are not only limited to clothes only one can sell used shoes accessories, these are those items which typically goes for recycling but If you want you can get paid by those products.

There is not a seasonal limit on any of the items. you can sale just about any item of any season you want. If you do want to sale to us, then you will be glad to know that you don’t have to take any appointment. Plato’s planet is an individually owned business.

Because of it being an individually owned business it is open all day every day, Plato’s planet is also operated by local owners, so in a small town everyone feels like family there, this helps you if you have social annuity,

All the factors combined make Plato’s planet and Plato’s planet locations all around you a feel good place to shop

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Shop Sustainably 

Have you heard about the fact that only 15% of clothing comes for recycling, the rest of the clothing are wasted, now think of the all the money that one could have made recycling old clothes. That fact alone should be the enough to convince you to visit Plato’s planet.

Here at Plato’s planet we help bring life into your old clothing, shoes and accessories. We increase our stockpile by buying what you have to offer. These items are usually locked away in your closet, and quite frankly these items have no use to you.

All of the items that we bought from you end up in our shelves, if we were not buying your old clothes then these clothes will probably be in a hole or landline. So what are you waiting for we are just a quick search away from you.

Come on down with the stuff you no longer have use for to earn some extra cash. 

Plato’s planet and recycling

If you are someone that cares about the future if this planet then Platos Planet is just for you, as mentioned above according to our research we found out that only 15% of the clothes are recycled. Rest of them are wasted. These wasted material usually dumped at the ocean

Dumping these wastes creates a un healthy condition for the sea animals to live which ultimately results in the death of million of marine animals. If one is truly concisions about their planet then selling their old clothes at Platos Planet is ideal.

Think of this in a way that you are saving money and helping the planet at the same time. This is an awesome feeling knowing that your clothes are not going to waste rather your clothes are going to be used again.

Clothing is not the only thing that can be recycled, almost all items that our store purchases can be recycled. Your old shoes my find a new owner at our store, your Jorden’s can fulfill someone’s dream so recycling your old clothes is morally good as well. 

The cash you receive can also be donated by you. The more you give the more relaxed you feel while others go for reuse able energy or planting trees, we go green by recycling out unused stuff. This stuff can be made from any materials.

If you know someone who enjoys taking part in these types of activists then you need to bring him/her at our store as soon as possible, you could help us spread the word and in doing so you may unintentionally help someone in need. You can save your loved one’s money by doing this lovely deed.

Buying more selling less

There is no rule in our store that you have to buy an item in order to sell. This is not the case at all, you can do what you do as you please. If you only want to sell to us you can do it as much as you like similarly if you want to only buy clothes from us you can do just that and buy till you heart is fulfilled.

There is also no limit on how much you can buy and how much you can sell, you can buy everything if you like and you can sell everything if your heart desires. You can sell clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes. Basically, we buy everything that is a day-to-day use item.

The items you sell to us goes right on our shelves, and we display is proudly, we know that you take care of your stuff and we will always respect that, the better quality and condition you can bring us the higher the rate will be offered to you. Suppose you bring us shoes that you have never worn after one use,

For those types of items, we will pay you handsomely. And similarly, if you bring us clothes that are not in useable condition then we may not buy them at all, as mentioned before all of your items will be on our shelves and the buyers of those clothes are same as us, so we want to do justice to them.

It’s a two-way deal, if you bring us good quality items you will be paid accordingly. Now people working at our store are highly skilled workers and they have a good fashion sense then can guide you in to buying hot and trendy clothes, similarly if you are selling to us then our same experts can tell you when that when that article was in trend.

In a nut shell it does not matter to us that you are selling or buying, we treat both of our customers the same ways. Priority is given to both buyers and sellers because to us everyone has the same worth, everyone is our customer and everyone deserves the best.

Going the extra mile

When we say we are here to help then we mean it. You can acquire our help in any matter you like, if you want to ask us about our policies then you can do if freely, there are many ways to contact us, the best way is to give us a call.

The numbers can be found on our website, the other method is by giving us a visit in person, there is nothing better then intrapersonal communication, when you are face to face with our staff, we can guide you in to buying best items that fits you and compliments your personality.

We always prefer our customers to come and give us a visit in person because no matter how much the technology has advanced, the best way to check the legitimacy of a business is to give them a personal visit, one can find out such interesting things when visiting in person.

Another way that one can check the reputation of a business is to read online reviews. When one embarks on a journey on reading online reviews then one can find many interesting things there, some people have praised Platos Planet for their transparency and customer service.

Others that are not impressed are addressed to get their issues resolved as soon as possible. The best thing about Platos Planet is their customer care. We always put our client forward.

Visit Plato’s closet Fayetteville NC Now!

Reading customers reviews

Like mentioned before reading customers reviews is beneficial for its customers. If one is interested that he can find, heaps and heaps of online reviews. Customer reviews contains the experience and the views of the customers.

If customers are happy with our services, then they are encouraged to give us a rating a review, we highly regard our customers opinion as we know that this opinion can help us improve even further. We have a aim of achieving perfect customer rating.

To help us achieve our goal one can visit us and tell everyone the experience they had while at the store, this will benefit us tremendously. Coming back on the topic of reading online reviews you can read about other customers experience at our store to give you a general understanding of our working.

Our ethics are what, we here at, Platos Planet are most proud of. We have a very clear guideline given to all of our staff members; we believe that happy customers are more important than sales. Now because we do not have bigger companies supplying us with items, we rely on you for inventory.

Here at Platos Closet we have policy of buying every brand items. We do not restrict our customers on bringing stuff from specific brands, in our eyes every brand Is unique and every brand has its specific price. So, you can come to us worry free, knowing that we will buy everything and anything.

Our biggest assets is our customers, without them we are nothing so we urge all our customers to give us a visit, if you don’t want to buy something then that’s all ok, we will be happy that you at least checked us out.

Something for all

We mentioned many times in this article that we are not season dependent, if you want to sell to us items from winter season then it is perfectly fine with us. We will buy that item. Similarly, if you want to buy summer seasons clothes in the winter then it is fine by us as well.

We are not here to judge and we will not judge at all. If one likes he can buy winter clothes in summer, all your personal preferences are adored and respected by us, on top of this you can ask our staff to help you buy summer clothes in the winter.

In short what we are tying to say is that to us no customer is big and no customer is small. We have a policy to respect and fulfill one’s requirement at all cost. We operate like a big and happy family. So, while being in a big family we truly act like one.

One can witness all of this while visiting our store. We can even say that giving us a visit is adventure in its own right. The reason we are calling this an adventure because of the fact we have such a huge variety of stuff to choose from.

Sometimes finding what fits you is not only difficult but a really hard work now that is where our staff comes in, they can help you find what fits you and what is in trend. Having such a facility near you is such a blessing, just by searching Platos Planet near me can lead to towards thousand of outlets that you can visit right now.

So according to us there is no need to delay in giving us a visit as we are sure that you are going to find something that you wanted all your life,

Frequently asked question

In this section we are going to talk about some frequently asked about question about Platos Planet. Some of the questions are as follows,

Is there any paperwork involved while selling items to Platos Planet?

Is there a limit on how much one can sell on Platos Planet?

What amount am I going to get while selling at Platos Planet?

Do Platos Planet have fixed prices on all of their items?

Where one can find Platos Planet near them?

Are there hidden charges while buying and selling at Platos Planet?

So let us start with the basic question of “Is there any paperwork involved while selling items to Platos Planet?”

We the answer is really simple, no there is no paperwork involved, you are buying and selling regular day use items you are not selling your car or house to us. Similarly, there are no paperwork involved while you are buying items from us.

There are many things that you can buy from our store, like clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories. There is no paperwork involved in buying any of above-mentioned items, one can buy everything displayed at our counters without answering to anyone.

It is a locally owned store Afterall and there are no major companies involved with us, that is why we always consider ourself a big happy family, when it comes to helping you become a part of our family as soon as you put your foot inside our shop doors.

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Is there a limit on how much one can sell on Platos Planet?

No there is no limit of any kind on how much you can sell or buy at Plato’s Planet. One can buy everything and anything on display, if one wants to buy out the whole store then let it be. We wont judge, its your life its your decision. We are not here to judge anyone.

Likewise, if you want to sell, you can come in our shop with boxes filled to the brim with items. We won’t let the smiles of our faces fade with your entry. If you want you can bring every item in your house for sale. In a nut shell there is no limit of any sort of anything at Plato’s Planet.

One can buy and sell as much as one like.

What amount am I going to get while selling at Platos Planet?

This question is one of our most searched and frequently asked question, and to answer this we would like to tell you that here at Plato’s Planet we maintain transparency. Which means that we will tell you the truth about your item.

Now the amount varies and depends on many factors, the quality and the condition. These two factors are most looked at, and most of our judgment are based on these factors alone. In quality our experts look at what was the original price of the item when it was bought and in condition our expects determines that, is the item In such condition that it will resell.

So, these two factors are building stones of your business, like we said before that the items you sale are going right back on our shelves so we want to make sure that the items we put on to sale are in decent enough condition.

In short if you want to get a nice offer on your item then the quality and condition of said item has to back that fact up, upon agreeing on a set price, we will pay you the amount. 

Do Platos Planet have fixed prices on all of their items?

The answer is short and price but there is more to it in simple yes or no, to answer your question the best way possible we can say no the prices are not fixed however they may be 2 or more items on sale having the same price but generally the price varies from high to low depending on the quality and condition.

These two factors are discussed before and we are going to discuss them again. Our store runs on items that are provided by you so if we buy a high-quality item form you by paying you good amount of money then surly, we are going to sell that product with high cost.

If you are buying a lesser quality item then it will be given to you in cheap price, it’s a simple rule of thumb, to know our business model we highly recommend you to give us a visit. You will find the answers of all your questions there.

Our store is filled with mix quality items, you can get what fits you in your desired price range. You can buy items in your desired price range and find the best quality items.

Where one can find Platos Planet near them?

One can find Plato’s Planet near me very easily, all you need to do is search for us, on our web site we have a shop locator, you can use that to track down your nearest Plato’s Planet, you can also find the list of our stores on our websites, 

Our stores has many outlets spanning all over the USA, all you have to do is, find us or search for us and we will be happy to serve you. Or you can simply call us on the numbers given on the websites to find out more information about us

Are there hidden charges while buying and selling at Platos Planet?

No there are no hidden charges, transparency is one of our core values and we can go to any lengths to protect our values, we present the information to you as it is, there are no hidden conditions or charges, the bill you will receive upon buying will be fully final.

Same is the case with selling we will give you your agreed upon amount when we come to terms on your deal. So, it is totally up to you on how your sale your item. We always believe in customers satisfaction and to achieve this we can go out of the way.

Our customers are always our top priority and you can reap benefits from all of this, all you have to do is to give us a visit and we will be happy to assist you