Menopause is the worst! Seriously, it’s okay until you are feeling all fuzzy and fatigued but weight gain??? This was the ultimate havoc!

It’s true a lot of women experience weight gain during menopause, to me it was particularly around my abdomen. The estrogen declining levels is the main reason for that and other factors such as lack of exercise and blah blah.

I am no worried about my children as they are pretty grown-up. The only thing that scares me is to become bedbound and this is what I felt on extreme levels when I gained extra 30 pounds.

Double chin with the turkey neck and protruding belly is all that I got. But soon the hard times were to end as I learned about OTC Phentermine Alternatives.

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How Did I Hear about PhenQ – Best Over the Counter Phentermine?

I was looking for the best otc diet pills, shark tank diet pills have their reasons to be counterfeit so I dint checked it out. To me, the main concern was to find the best alternative to phentermine, one of the effective and guaranteed weight loss pills.

More than 50 brands are claiming to be alternative to phentermine, only a few diet pills work as I saw in various health forums and blogs.

PhenQ is the oldest them of all, it is an ever-changing, ever-lasting, and proper phentermine alternative weight loss pill. Truth be told, PhenQ is the best amongst the diet pills which claims to work like phentermine as in mode for appetite suppression and ultimate metabolic boost.

Over the counter Phentermine diet pill is endorsed on mainstream social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. Some users found other diet pills have caught them during their financial crisis and never returned a single penny when they asked for a refund.

PhenQ also offers a refund as in a money-back guarantee but will it work, I thought. Simply because I didn’t want to waste my hard-earned cash on something that delivers no results.

What’s Appealing about PhenQ as a Over The Counter Diet Pill?

In the formula of PhenQ, there are 6 main components, 90% of which are appetite suppressants, 80% are metabolism boosters and some are thermogenic components.

I found these ingredients when I first looked at the PhenQ ingredients chart.

  • a-Lacys Reset
  • L-Carnitine
  • Nopal
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Capsicum Mixture
  • Caffeine

The whole formula of PhenQ is based on a-Lacys Reset ingredient, scientifically a mixture of Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. They both are derived from natural plants and have been proven to aid weight loss.

One of the attractive things about the otc phentermine diet pills that it has no side effects and a fully functional 60-day money-back guarantee offer. That seems fair, I said.

All I knew I should give this a try because desperate times call for desperate measures!

How Did I Find PhenQ?

I placed my order at the official site of PhenQ and unexpectedly, they delivered me within 2 days. Wow, that’s some quick delivery timing!

I bought the 5 monthly’ supply of PhenQ at $189, this is not just a discounted price on bulk purchase but it came with a free Advana Cleanse, something my abdomen fat would need.

So I started taking the daily dose of PhenQ, these are 2 pills per day that I took alongside breakfast. Some people attempted to take 1 at breakfast and the other pill with lunch, to me it was convenient to consume 2 pills at once.

I am not going to lie, I was expecting the results somewhere between 4-8 weeks, but they started appearing within the first week. Hey, I’m the judge here since it’s my phenQ review, let me tell you what I felt during the first week.

My Phentermine Over The Counter Results – Over the course of 30 Days

  1. The 1st week with PhenQ diet pills and a more energetic diet plan has subjected my body to high energy levels. Although my appetite was mildly suppressed it gave me enough energy so I could function throughout the daytime. I am a real-estate agent and to me, eating hot dogs and cheeseburgers through the drive-away is a common thing every day. The first benefit that I witnessed in my visits to drive-away were stopped. My cravings for the junk were gone but still, I craved sugar. 5th day of PhenQ dosage and I am feeling immensely powerful, my cognition is started to become agile and I’ve memorized all the calories that I’ve consumed in a day easily.
  2. PhenQ 2nd week, this is where fat-burning mechanism really occurs and apart from maximum appetite suppression, you will feel the fat is being supplied to your body for energy. I couldn’t stop this as I intend to feel better and slimmer.
  3. My PhenQ 3rd week of weight loss and I am seeing myself standing on the weighing machine. It was dropped to 121 from 132 pounds, this was a huge relief but I wasn’t done losing sufficient weight. The third week was accompanied by caffeine effects which were brain-stimulating and focus enhancing. PhenQ gets your face all glow or maybe it was just me!
  4. PhenQ Results after 4th Week (30 Days): finally I was less than 15 pounds than before, PhenQ surprisingly let me shed over 15 pounds and this went without feeling aggressive or feeling down.

Does PhenQ Really Work?

PhenQ works if you are positive about everything and ready to put some work in it. PhenQ is not just a miracle pill with so many benefits attached to its name, the actual benefits reach you if you dedicate your diet plan and an hour time of exercise for your own.

My protruding belly was shrunk, not like I wanted but yes to some extent. It’s only a matter of 30 days PhenQ has made me lost over 15 pounds; think about what it could do in 180 days?

PhenQ Benefits Explained Articulately

Let me clarify a thing first, the PhenQ formula seems to work on the majority but if you are taking any other phentermine weight loss pills – you should give a week gap at least. If you manage to achieve the 5 point action plan of PhenQ, you would get all the possible benefits.

PhenQ five point’s action plan is:

  1. Appetite Suppression: PhenQ suppresses appetite unlike any other supplement in the market. You can skip meals and still feel energy rushing in your brain. The best way to lose weight is to eat less but this doesn’t occur in a harder way.
  2. Metabolism Boost: The natural metabolism defines the rate of fat loss, PhenQ on a cellular scale, speeds up the metabolism which is actually the metabolism of fat tissues into energy.
  3. Better Energy: As a result of quickened metabolism, an extra amount of energy is delivered to the body so you can perform an intense workout without skipping it for a day.
  4. Stops Fat Storage: When you eat the extra amount of calories, unwanted fats are formed in many peculiar areas. There is a reason why PhenQ stops producing new fat cells because the older ones must be obliterated from their locations.
  5. Prevent Mood Swings: Weight loss and mood swings are parallel to each other, if you haven’t noticed mood swings while losing weight then you are not doing it right. These mood swings are basically a lack of Serotonin in the brain which keeps the mood swings and stress levels reduced. As a motivation, the effectiveness of the PhenQ diet pill stays for a longer time.

What is the Best Place to buy PhenQ?

Lots of websites claim to sell PhenQ, well they are not wrong! The reason most of these pages will redirect you to the official site is safe to assume that you can indeed buy PhenQ at a discounted price and free shipping/delivery option.

Both inside and outside of the US personals shall make use out of this offer.

PhenQ Results Summary

It was months after my menopause that I started looking for diet pills. PhenQ didn’t affect my hormonal balance but instead, it restored the proper balance of estrogen and progesterone that have remained.

Pair phenQ with a suitable diet plan and exercise so you can get results that are extraordinary to the sight. My husband and children were thrilled by the results, my old swimsuit is not stretched anymore and the best thing is, I get to live with a healthier and detoxified body.

PhenQ results may vary in young females; this may provide them a drastic approach and better results.