Babbel right now is one of the most widely used Online Language Learning App on the market today, and it’s not hard to see why. Millions of people log on and use it every day, learning around 14 of the most widely spoken languages in the world in small bite size lessons that range from 15-20 minute lessons that you can take daily, all with over 10,000 hours of high quality lessons planned out by over 100 linguistic experts.

So it’s little wonder that it’s received some of the highest ratings on Apple’s and Googles App Stores, and remains consistently one of the top 5 downloaded apps out there now.

Best of all, right now Babbel is having a sale for people who are either thinking about buying a subscription, or who are on the monthly plans who might be looking to save even more money in the long run. What’s the Sale exactly? Well, before we get into that lets at least first compare and contrast Babbels pricing with other Online Language Learning apps on the market today. Complete

Compare and Contrast Of Babbel

So, what’s the sale exactly and how can you use it to your advantage?

Well for starters, let’s go over the initial, original cost of Babbel so you can start to compare and contrast, especially in regards to its competitors. At its base price, Babbel is about $14 a month, and gets you access to all of the Languages that you could learn, as well as the lessons, courses, and more. From there you can buy in increments of 3 months, going from… well… 3 months, costing at $10/ month (for a total price of $30), to 6 months at $8.50/ month (for a total price of $50.70), and then to 12 months for a total of $7/ month (for a total of $84). Complete review of Babbel and all of the features can be found here..

Now obviously, it’s cheaper to buy it at the higher tiers, especially if you plan to be using it for a while, but a lot of people claim that the 3 month tier is probably the best when it comes to actual money saving because you’re saving close to $4 a month on purchasing, as opposed to the 6 and 12 month plan that only really seem to be a dollar shorter or so in increment.

Though, if you do plan to be on the platform for quite some time, the 12 month plan IS roughly about 50% off from the monthly plan, and can be a massive discount if you plan to stick with the lessons and either learn multiple languages or master one.

Neat! So how does this compare to other Online Language Learning Platforms exactly? Well let’s compare the prices of all the other platforms to see how it stands out from its other competitors.

Duolingo – Duolingo is actually a Free App at its heart, and is actually extremely useful alongside Babbel.  While the App is free to use there IS a paid service that helps with both development and your learning that’s not necessary to use, but is helpful. Its inclusion here is mostly to just sort of showcase price point.

So, what’s Duolingo’s subscription pricing look like? Well you get a paid membership called “Duolingo Plus” that costs around $13 a year, and you can buy it in 6 month installments for $48, or a yearly membership for $80 a month. Relatively cheaper than Babbel right now, but not by much all things considered.

Busuu – Busuu is pretty much the same as Duolingo in a way, but still separate from it. Whereas Duolingo is more of a game that teaches you to read and speak another language, Busuu gives you a daily, quick lesson that’s supposed to be designed to work in tandem with full language courses – such as what Babbel offers.

So because of that, it does have a freemium service, but you can still pay for services. Busuu costs around $8.33 per month, and goes up to three, six, and 12 month subscription plans that get incrementally cheaper the higher you go, with 12 months costing roughly $5.83 per month ($70/ year), to $5.41 a month for the 24 month plan ($130/ 2 years).

Pimsleur – Pimsleur is pretty much directly Babbel’s direct competition because it offers a lot of the same things that Babbel offers. Unlike the previous two, Pimsleur is a platform that focuses on lessons, lessons plans, and creating course work for people to follow along in a class like setting.

Not only that but its subscription model is pretty simple. It’s simply $20/ month, and that’s it. There are no discounts for purchasing above that, and no package or premium plans. $20 a month gets you access to everything and that’s really it. No bells or whistles.

Now, those three above show you a comparison to what you get with Babbel in three different ways, from a platform that uses learning as a game, to a platform that creates quick lessons to take daily, to a platform that’s more structured in use in a similar way. All in all, dollar to dollar, they’re pretty much around the same price no matter what you go with.

The Discount

Now with all of that out of the way, what’s Babbels sale and what do you get exactly out of it?

For starters, Babbel’s prices on a monthly basis are still roughly around the same, even though you CAN get coupons every so often that dip down to around 50% off your next subscription payment. In fact there’s a Memorial Day sale that recently came that offered that to either new, or returning customers.

But right now what Babbel offers is the lifetime subscription model. What you get with the lifetime Subscription is access to all of the Language Courses (al 14 languages), and it normally sells for around $500 for unlimited access forever.

However right now you can purchase the lifetime subscription for around $200, which is a 60% discount that’s perfect for people who will be using the platform a lot, and want to learn multiple languages. The best part is this sale will be around for a little while longer, so anyone who has plans to stick around with Babbel’s services do have a little bit of time to think about it.

Though, like with any sale, you should strike now while it’s there if you’re serious about learning another language. Once it’s gone, there’s no telling when it’ll happen again so this is your chance on it.