The vast sea of SEO is mainly divided into two main parts: the on-page SEO and the off-page SEO. These two are the essential parts of the SEO if one is looking for doing the SEO. When you take an overview of the SEO, you will feel that it is a list of tips and guidelines that a person needs to follow, but when they dive deep, they know that it is more than tips.

There are two different domains of operation of the SEO, and people get confused about which domain is the more important one out of both of them. Suppose one chooses to do the optimization and hire an SEO company in Auckland, then which activity they should get done on the first hand. So, let us compare both of them and what is included in them and according to that it will e decided that which one of the activity s more critical and need to be done first.

On-Page SEO 

All the type of changes made on the website itself from the sole motive of getting more audience and growth is known as the on-page SEO. There are plenty of tasks that are required to be performed in the on-page SEO. They are as follows:-

  • The very first task is that a person needs to check that the framework that they are using for their website is useful or not. The websites’ motive is to attract the audience and provide the proper knowledge, but if the website is unable to do that work, then will there be any benefit? The answer is n that is why it is checked whether the formatting done is providing a better user experience or not.
  • The next task of the on-page SEO is to check the content quality and regularity. When you read the SEO report, you will get to know how punctual you are in posting the content and the reason for growth. You will also come to know that which one has become the reason for jumping off the audience to make changes in the content.
  • After that, you have to check how your website is looking forms the audience’s point of view and if you are a part of the audience, then what you will be expecting for that very website. According to that, changes are made in the side panels and top bar to ease the audience.
  • After that, the changes made in the on-page SEO are the website’s speed and operations. It is checked that whether the website is working correctly on the mobile phone and see whether people who are using form the mobile platform don’t ever jump-off.

Off-Page SEO

There are plenty of additions made in the off-page SEO for growth, which is the formation of the backlinks. People approach different websites and use their platform to provide their links in the form of a blog. The link that they provide is always taking the reader to the website, and like this, the customers are attracted as a part of the off-page SEO. there are plenty of points that one need to take care of when they are forming the links, and those are:-

  • Quality of the content they are posting with the link.
  • Check whether the authority of the domain is higher or not.
  • See how many links are already present on the website, and according to that, place the link.
  • See that the value they gain is more than the amount they are paying per click.

These points will help with information about a good backlink.

The decision- which is to be done first?

Now one fact must be clear to everyone present out there that the person who is attracted with the help of the off-0page SEO will also be shifted to the website. If the on-page SEO is not done, then the people who will come due to the off-page will leave? It will even decrease the ranking of the website even after doing the off-page properly.

That is why you should always ask the JustSeo to perform the website’s on-page SEO at the first end. The reason behind this is everyone will be coming to the website, and if it is not optimized, then it is pure wastage of money and time.