The life expectancy of the population in general has increased over the years, the longer you live, the better you want to live, this ended up bringing up an even greater search for quality of life. As we know, one of the main factors linked to improving the quality of life is food.

The concepts of nutrition and healthy eating are becoming more and more popular and this is opening up new markets for Nutritionists to explore.

Therefore, today we are going to see 6 markets that are experiencing accelerated growth and full of opportunities.

Clinical Nutrition:

This is perhaps the area of ​​greatest performance of nutritionists, mainly for taking care of the health of patients. In this branch, the nutritionist is responsible for diagnosing the nutritional status of the patient, seeking to promote health, prevent diseases and consequently improve the quality of life. The increasing demand for these professionals ends up generating a demand with many spaces to be occupied in the market.

Sports nutrition:

When we think of sports nutrition, professional and high-performance athletes immediately come to mind, but know that much of the demand ends up coming from amateur athletes and people who practice physical activity regularly. Sports nutrition works on all spectrums of sport, whether in increasing the performance of athletes, at all levels, through a balanced menu that will provide all the daily calories necessary for the athlete to practice the chosen sport, at the desired level, even in preventing injuries and inflammation in the body.

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Aesthetic Nutrition:

This is a branch that is inserted within clinical nutrition, with a focus on quality of life, associated with disease prevention, but which also end up generating aesthetic results for patients. Part of the sense where having a balanced life context affects your body in general, increasing the health of nails, hair and skin, for example. Nutrition is increasingly present in the beauty market and is an excellent area to be explored.

Social Nutrition:

This is an area that is not much considered because it studies nutrition, some do not even imagine that they can work at this level, but in addition to offering many opportunities, it can also be very rewarding. In social nutrition, you will be able to work with the family assistance centers, as well as in school meals or community kitchens. You will have the opportunity to take your knowledge in nutrition to transform people’s lives, implementing the correct and balanced diet, from the base to the full development of the individual.

Food and nutrition units:

Did you know that the menus of restaurants, hotels and even companies must pass the sieve of a nutritionist? This is yet another area that you can explore extensively. Working in these food units, you will focus on food production, from the time of purchase, to the arrival of the final dish at the consumer’s table.

Personal Diet:

A new area, which has been growing a lot. The Personal Diet is that nutritionist who does the personalized follow-up, he goes to your house, gives you all the preparation, purchase, and storage guidelines. It is a complete follow-up, from end to end, from the purchase to the consumption of the food.