PARIS, FR /  January 20, 2021 / Eric-Theodore Yepao, the CEO of Nordland Holding Europe GmbH, is proud to announce that after several video calls on January 19th, 2021, that a private city will be created in Southwestern Ivory Coast using his company’s investment of 15 billion euros.

The new private city will be named Renaissance and will be located between San Pedro and the Cavally River. It will be built entirely on privately owned land and take up an astounding 250 square kilometers. Eric-Theodore Yepao expects the project to be completed in the next 5 years.

Eric-Theodore Yepao also states that Renaissance will be the first private city to be built in the African continent, and it will offer safety, privacy, and excellent quality of life to its residents.

The vision for this new private city includes green and renewable energy as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure. The city has plans to have its own airport, hospital, university, elementary school, business park, and a park dedicated to science and technology.

Eric-Theodore Yepao also states that this new city will have its own administration, legal system, taxation, and economic entity – making the city entirely autonomous.

About Eric-Theodore Yepao

Eric-Theodore Yepao is the CEO and Founder of Nordland Holding Europe GmbH and is proud to be an ethical investor. From a young age, Yepao developed values related to transparency and integrity. After attending Harvard University, he moved to New York, where he worked with several banks before launching his own company. Yepao has always wanted to invest in the economic well-being of the Ivory Coast and is excited to be a part of this new development.


Eric-Theodore Yepao

SOURCE: Eric-Theodore Yepao