Serving clients and elevating their employment experience is one of Nextep’s guiding principles, and the company doesn’t take that lightly. Nextep’s commitment to clients only grew stronger as businesses grappled with a global pandemic.

When a national emergency was declared, Nextep transitioned its people to work from home overnight while continuing to inform and assist clients. With the seamless integration of technology and service at Nextep, the company’s experts created free COVID-19 resources to guide clients and the public through new legislation and workplace requirements — all without missing a beat.

“The most difficult issue was trying to keep compliant with all the legalities and tax issues involved,” said Gena Dupus, Partner and Principal at Black Forest Decor, a Nextep client. “Without Nextep, this would have been incredibly difficult. I was able to watch several of the Friday webinars, which helped keep us up to speed on the evolving issues related to COVID, sick leave, and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).”

Dupus experienced Nextep’s promise of “HR where you are” in action, consulting their HR business partner numerous times for advice on COVID. With Nextep’s help, Dupus created guidelines for exposed employees returning to work, set up protocols for allowing essential workers to come to work, handled high-risk employees’ concerns, and set up and tracked COVID-related pay codes in Nextep’s system.

“The resources made available have been extremely helpful. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with all the policy issues early on. Having this information clarified and provided in an easy format really helped a great deal,” said Dupus.

The value of partnering with a reliable PEO has become even more apparent during the strenuous economic situation brought on by COVID-19. According to a comparative analysis conducted by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), when compared to other small businesses, companies partnering with a PEO are 119% more likely to have received PPP loans, 91% less likely to still be temporarily closed, and are 60% less likely to have permanently closed.

Nextep guides clients through anything that comes their way, keeping them ahead of the game for the rest of 2020 and beyond — schedule a personalized demo to see how Nextep can strengthen your business by bringing HR where you are.

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