What if we cut a few centimeters from our long square in this year? If we have always loved our long hair, this New Year rhymes with cutting everything (well almost everything) and we will love it.

Saying goodbye to your hair length is definitely not the easiest thing to do. Fear of regretting, that it will ultimately not suit us, in short, the reasons are multiple. However, once you get started and cut everything, you can’t go back. We become addicted to our short hairstyle. This year is the perfect year to explore new hair horizons. We give you all our ideas for adopting the short haircut to approach this New Year more stylish than ever.

Hairstyle trend for this year: short hair, yes, but for whom?

If you thought that because you didn’t have perfectly straight hair that you couldn’t wear the short haircut, then you were wrong. Short hairstyles are made for absolutely everyone. Although styles can vary depending on your hair type, you have no reason not to embark on this adventure in this season. Ultra trendy for curly hair, the short cut will give volume and give your curls the entire splendor they deserve. For frizzy hair, short hair is clearly in the trends of 2021. Afternoon short, colored, shaved hair, in clear all styles will suit you whatever you decide to adopt as a short haircut this year. Finally, of course, if you have straight hair you know that this hairstyle looks great on you. With or without bangs, plunging square or must and the boyish cut will bring a glamorous touch to your daily look.

Why adopt short hair?

Wearing a short haircut is full of absolutely not insignificant benefits. Easy to maintain, this trendy 2021 hairstyle only needs a little refresh every 3 months so it doesn’t fall back into the long hairstyle. Adopting a short haircut is the perfect time to try out all the styles that we kept secret in our insta recordings. Coloring, tie & dyeing, or even highlights, with your short hair you can explore worlds that you would not dare on your long hair. Finally, cut to cut, you might as well create a small fringe be entirely in the trend of this year. The bangs on short hair are the must to bring the finishing touch to your glamorous and stylish cut. In short, having short hair is to change your life for the better.

Hairstyle Trends: All the Hairstyles That We Will Love To Wear This Year

As this year is nearing its end, focus on the trendiest short hairstyles to adopt in this time. After the bob trend this year, we bring you the most fashionable hairstyle trends to test right now. After the hard year that we have just passed, this year sounds like a renewal, a breath of fresh air.  Which thing will be better than starting a new year by changing our hairstyle to start from scratch too according to our desires? If in last year the trend was for short hair, this New Year promises to be hair crazy. Long hair, curls, accessories, our hair will be more than ever our beauty allies this year.

Long is on the rise

Even if the shortcut and the squares will remain a trend indefinitely, it seems that long hair is taking over. Indeed, we have all these moments when our length is missing but we do not dare to find itbecause there is always this long square that keeps appearing on Instagram. Fortunately, this year, our networks are likely to receive an avalanche of hairstyles for long hair to absolutely adapt to be in the trend hair curly, wavy, Afro or smooth, to each his care to find its length. Tied in a long ponytail, with braids or even natural, long hair is THE trendy hairstyle of this year.

Long live the accessories!

If we like to grab the latest jewelry, belts, or handbags for an ever more stylish look, it is essential not to neglect our hair. Indeed, our hairstyle is what brings the final touch to our style, so it is important not to neglect it. For that, doesn’t panic, our hair also have its accessories to be trendy. In this year, it is more than ever a question of adopting these resolutely fashionable little jewels of heads. If we opt for barrettes with very different styles for a glamorous and chic look, the scarf will find its place in our bathroom. The advantage of the scarf is that it can also be worn to customize our classic hairstyles, as in a headband directly on the top of our head. How to forget this ultra-trendy accessory and symbol of French style: the beret. The Plain or patterned, beret is undoubtedly the trend which is adopted  for a resolutely fashionable hairstyle.

Fashion Trends for this year: How Are We Going To Dress Next Summer?

After a month of Fashion Week in particular in the midst of a global pandemic, it is time to take stock of the spring-summer trends that we will want to wear next season (if we can leave our home by then) coronavirus and social distancing rules, among others, his days full of physical (and digital) shows and above all, his prediction of future trends. To find out what we’re going to want to wear next season, we take stock of the many fashion trends spotted on the catwalks that will invest – or failing that, influence – our summer wardrobe.

Find out what we have in store for next summer!

From the floral print to all the sauces, the ultimate mesh detail, the cult of the bra (top and bottom), transparency, again and again, fluid and light silhouettes, the statement collar, the total jean look, a logo mania certain (often monogrammed). A look back at the nine essential trends to adopt in season