National Council of Resistance (NCRI) Women’s Committee has recently released their Annual Report 2021, giving an overview of the role of Iranian women in the past year. 

Each year, women in Iran, mostly members of the opposition organization MEK Iran, are struggling against the violation of their basic rights.

Overview of the current situation in Iran

In the past 40 years, the current Iranian regime has imposed an extreme suppression on Iranian women and have turned them into second-class citizens. 

From the Iranian Opposition Organization, MEK Iran, indicate that this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated all of the existing issues.

NCRI Women’s Committee have stated in their Annual Report 2021 that the death toll of the pandemic is at least 230,000 from a nation of 85 million. The country is going through the fourth peak. The mullahs’ leader has banned the purchase of vaccines from other countries and has promised to start inoculating everyone next spring.

Moreover, the Iranian economy is in a state of total disorder. Poverty is increasing day by day. 

MEK Iran’s women and their struggle for rights recognition

However, despite the misery inflicted on Iran’s nation by the treacherous mullahs, Iranian’s women with a high spirit of courage and resistance, have a great hope for change. They are holding up the beacon of hope in the dark of the night.

Women, members of MEK Iran have demonstrated their heroism in five nationwide uprisings. Now, they are preparing for more protests and uprisings by organizing resistance units.

Execution victims’ mothers have not remained silent throughout the year. They have been seeking justice for their children.

However, Iranian women are not backing down. They have a crucial presence in all anti-regime protests and uprisings.

Iranian women, members of MEK Iran, have led enormous uprisings in the past six months, which have forced the regime to acknowledge their role in the protests. MEK Iran’s women are risking everything to defend their rights.

NCRI Women’s Committee Annual Report 2021

With its 2020 Annual report, the Women’s Committee of the NCRI showcase the lives and struggles of Iranian women over the past year.

“The brave women of Iran are fighting not only for their own freedom but for the freedom of all Iranians… These courageous women have proven the “Generation Equality” in practice and women’s international struggle for parity has become more meaningful with their sacrifices and contributions,” the report wrote.

From the Women’s Committee of the NCRI have shared that this report summarizes the parts dealing specifically with women’s basic rights, and excludes all other issues. Yet, they have ended up with a book double the size of the previous reports.

With this report the most crucial issues concerning Iranian women have been brought to light. The report highlights the Iranian regime’s brutal attempt to suppress all and every voice of freedom, the various aspects of violence against women, both sponsored by the state or promoted by state laws and policies, and the whopping gender gap in Iran as a result of gender discrimination in all fields.

The members of the Women’s Committee of the NCRI and the opposition organization MEK Iran, are filling hopeful and confident that the courageous women of Iran will bring about regime change which will results in freedom for their homeland.