When you have a new born or acquired a pet from someone. First thing is to name it.Most people think it is easy to name an old one but a newborn learns fast. That’s my tip, so you need to name it as soon as it crosses 3 to 4 weeks.

Now naming pets depends on different things like first of all cats, dogs and horses are a bit different in naming as compared to other small birds and pets.Here are a few tips to follow for all pets.

Follow Guideline

So basically it is fun to name your pet like you have a family and want to recommend them to pick a name .Give them a list and suggest to find according to it.My first suggestions is to never pick a name that can not be used for ages.Like naming baby or puppy can not last as your pet gets older.Names like skinny , bones are not good accordion to body appearance.May be some times these names can confuse caller.Pick names from other small birds like turkeys , chicken , ducks or naming tips for goose birds are perfect.

No matter how long or short the name is, families should avoid names that might alienate people, for example, “Cujo,” which could bring up images of the infamous killer dog from the movie of the same name.

Having your pet’s personality in mind for a while will help determine if the name will be suitable. You don’t have to decide on a name right away. It is worth waiting to find a name that fits.

 It is also wise to avoid names that sound weird and which can be easily confused with training cues or everyday words. “Mo” can be confused with “no,” “Tom” with “come,” and “Trey” with “stay.”

Ideas from Nature and Life

 A history buff might enjoy the presidential name “Lincoln,” while a science enthusiast might prefer a name derived from an element on the periodic table, such as “Nickel.”

See what pets are named in movies and books. This can help you decide what to name your pet. Marley, from the movie Marley and Me, is popular among pet owners because it is cute and playful.I picked cocoa, a brilliant idea for my mare in equinedesire.

This is a great time for everyone to get to know the new family member and for everyone to feel like their opinions are of equal importance.

After you have selected a name or while you are still considering one, practice calling your new pet by the top name(s). You may find you prefer a nickname for that name (ex: Wolf instead of Wolfgang).

These both were major tips

Here is what we can conclude from them

  • Always prefer a short name
  • Keep remembering pet in early stage of life
  • Try to teach with different treats
  • Never change name
  • Choose name with meanings behind it

These tips can help you to pick great names for your lovely pet.