In the heart of the Midwest, Nebraska encompasses the true beauty of the Great Plains. From the towering dunes of the Sandhills to the dramatic rock formations found in the Nebraskan panhandle, if you are a true Cornhusker, you know the beauty your home state holds. Sometimes the beauty isn’t enough to stop you from wanting to follow your dreams. When the time comes for you to leave the nest, you need movers with a truck to help you with your state to state move.

There has been nothing about 2020 that has gone according to plan. Maybe your dream after graduation was to move to New York and begin pursuing a dream on Broadway. Or perhaps you and a group of friends wanted to move to Manhattan and recreate an iconic sitcom. Whatever your reason for wanting to get to New York, your wait is finally over as the state is moving forward with more reopening efforts.

A move from Nebraska to New York is something you need to plan in detail.  The approximate distance between the two is close to 1,500 miles, depending on your origin and destination points. Trying to handle everything associated with moving can seem stressful. You have to find the place you are going to live in, a job, and all the other fine details that can make living somewhere new just a little bit easier.

More common with moving companies nowadays are packing services. Think that paying the extra for someone to pack your items is a waste? Take a minute and think about it. Do you know how to pack all of your fragile items to ensure they will not break during a long transport? Plus, packing materials can be relatively pricey when you don’t know what you are doing. You are more likely to use way too many boxes or pack them too heavy, making it unsafe for the moving professionals.

How are you going to get around New York? Have you thought about taking your own vehicle, or are you going to use public transportation? Transportation in New York doesn’t have to be problematic. If you choose the right moving company, they may be able to move your belongings and your vehicle at the same time. Often, you will find that this can be combined for a package deal.

Driving long distances can take a toll on your car. Sure the scenery you might see along I-80 will be something you will remember, but the mechanical toll can create problems you might not be prepared for. Can you afford to get a new car once you get there?

Looking for a moving company might feel a little intimidating. When you go online and search “moving companies near me,” thousands of results are likely to come up. Things like reviews, licensing, and certifications are what you should look at when trying to choose the right moving company. You don’t want to entrust your belongings or your vehicle to the wrong company. When you need to move state to state from Nebraska, only trust the best movers with a truck.