Teenage is inevitably a phase of handling complex emotions, instant reactions, first loves, thrill, pranks and lots of fun. When all of these are squeezed in movies, it has to be packed with exciting and adventurous storylines. Here we have listed a list of ten most-watched movies by high school kids. This will be a treat for you! If you are a teenager, and you are reading this, you can easily relate to these movies’ emotions, and if you are a grown-up, it will surely bring back a flood of high school memories. 

List of High School Movies 

1. Hanna Montana The Movie

Hanna Montana was one of Disney’s popular series; further, its movie was released, which is a pleasant watch for teens. Hanna is stressed maintaining two realities: the famous star figure and the other side is common girl. In the movie, her dad takes her to the countryside where he grew. This was life-changing for her as she realised the value of family and started appreciated little things. This is a happy and sweet movie that you should watch if you have been a fan of the show. 

2. Inside Out

The phase of teenage is full of emotional complexity. It is a Pixar movie that has a unique storyline where the emotions were the characters. It focused on revealing how there are different emotions, and every emotion has a different effect in real life. This is a must-watch for teenagers because it will help you when you have to be intelligent with your emotions. 

3. High School Musical

Released in 2006, it still is one of the most-watched and loved movies for teens. It is a sweet musical movie that revolves around the lead roles struggling to participate in the school musical, basketball and academic decathlon. This shows that being a teenager is not easy but sticking to your promises and passion makes all the difference. The subtle love story of the leads adds the pinch of romance as well. You will thoroughly enjoy this movie if you have not seen it yet. Watch this on Disney+ Hotstar and avail of Hotstar subscription offers to see other teen movies too.  

4. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You

This movie is one of the most popular films of this time. It is a love story where there is sweet love, romance, jealousy and a mix of other feelings. This reflects on the emotional connection with first love. Of course, it is going to remind you of the butterflies you felt in the first love. 

5. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

This movie is another realistic one to encourage the teens that even if you are not widespread, even if you don’t have attractive friends, you are still awesome in your way even if you are not rich. In this movie, the lead actress is smart and aspires to achieve big. But he constantly faces criticism and insults from her fellow mates. This movie will surely speak to young people.

6. Sky High

If you wonder about a school in the sky that teaches you how to become a superhero, here is the fantasy movie for you. Sky-high is a fun movie to watch this weekend. You will enjoy the dialogue, fights, confusion among to-be superheroes. You enter the space of thoughts where you get to attend superhero school. 

7. The Perfect Date

The story begins when the lead actor creates a dating app to earn money, and someone catches his attention and starts developing feelings for her. Now his plan gets complicated, and amid confusion and love, the story brings the two together. 

8. The Edge of Seventeen

This is another movie that sympathises with the hardship one goes through while growing up. The lead role girl depended on her best friend for her emotion exchange. Her best friend started dating, and she was left alone. She struggled to face these emotions, and finally, there was a ray of hope when another friend came into the picture. 


 It is not only the adults who face struggles in life, but young people have their share of keeping up and facing challenges. It is also full of a new experience of love, jealousy, hatred, bullying and all types of different feeling. These fun movies that are based on High School students are must watch. If you have not watched these, pick any of the movies listed above and enjoy the story.