A mobile home is also known as a manufactured home and is built in a factory. Mobile is built on a permanent trailer chassis to allow it to move. Mobile homes are cheaper and offer a low-cost housing option. Moving a mobile house is not an easy task especially if you want to move it as per the standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The top-rated iMoving.com interstate moving companies explain that following the HUD standards is not only a difficult task but expensive too. But if you are planning to move a mobile home, you can take help from the guide and overview given below.

Factors that impact the cost of moving a mobile home are as follows:

The cost of moving a mobile home varies in different conditions but still, some common factors impact the overall cost of moving.

Moving Material: Moving to a mobile home is very different from moving to a normal house. It needs plenty of tools and supplies like tires, hitches, etc. You should be aware of the cost charged by your moving company for these tools.

Moving Permits and Inspections:  You may need permits if you want to move your mobile home from one county to another or from one state to another state. You may even need to have permits for each territory you will travel through. You should ask your moving company to apply for and get approved of all the required permits before the move. Certain states ask for mandatory inspection of old mobile homes before letting them enter the state. In some states, you need to have a set-up permit before installing your mobile home there. These permits help in the safe and up-to-code installation of your mobile home.

Weight of the Mobile Home: The Weight of a mobile home is one of the major factors to determine the cost of moving a mobile home. The heavier the mobile home is, the more expensive it will be to move it to the other location. A bigger mobile home will need more moving equipment and material which will add up to the cost of moving.

Size of the Mobile Home:  The size of the mobile home is another big factor that impacts the overall cost of moving. Single-wide homes cost less than double-wide moving homes. You may have to pay extra if your mobile home to too wide to move as you will have to pay for the police escort or temporary road closure for the safe passage of your home from certain roads.

Distance to Cover: The distance to cover while moving your mobile home is also another cost factor. The longer the move is, the costlier it will be. Lugging a mobile home behind a truck will require more fuel for a longer distance. As much as the distance increases, the amount of fuel increase so will increase the moving cost.

Set-up Services: If you are hiring full-service movers then your cost of moving will increase inevitably. Moving companies charge extra for taking apart and setting-up the mobile home. They will charge for removing and reinstalling the porch, removing and reinstalling skirting, and also removing and reinstalling the interior features. The moving company will charge extra for a double-wide moving house. Many moving companies mention set-up services in their to-do list but still ask the owners to remove and re-install the skirting and other outer features of the mobile home.

Insurance and Liability:  You may need to purchase liability insurance if you are planning to hire professional movers. You can also consider purchasing extra insurance for the safety of your home. Make sure to check with your carrier if you already own insurance coverage for your home. Confirm with the moving company if they provide any coverage while the home is in transport.

Condition of the Mobile Home: If a mobile home is old and needs some immediate repairs before moving then it will also add up to the moving cost. You will have to increase your budget as you will have to repair and fix all the damages before putting your home on road.

Along with the above-mentioned factors, several other factors determine the overall cost of moving a mobile home. Cost of labor, set-up services, moving material, and multiple transportation fees are some of the common factors. Moving companies charge a minimum cost for a local move, regardless of the distance. The moving cost of a mobile home varies as per the size and weight of the home along with the distance to move when you have to move interstate or inter-county.

It is highly recommended to hire professional movers for moving a mobile home. Professional moving companies help you in getting all the mandatory permits for you. Hiring a moving company will not only save your energy but will also save a lot of time.