It does not matter whether the business you own is small or huge in today’s reality you absolutely need to have a social media presence. Especially during these times when most businesses operate online it is important to have at least one social media platform. It has been proven that social media marketing can benefit you and your business in various ways including the advertising of your products, public and customer endorsement, overall outreach and so on. Knowing all the tips and tricks of running a business on social media can greatly help you in doing it correctly, but there is not much talk about the things business owners do on social media that can result in a negative response from the customers.

Here is the list of the most common mistakes business owners make when they decide to embark on the social media journey.

#1 Choosing the wrong platform

Choosing what social media platform you want to set up your business on is one of the most important steps in running your business online. Generally speaking, the first thing to take into consideration is how big a certain social media is. You want as much attention on your online business as possible, therefore the outreach should be big. Does your business operate locally only? Or do you plan on going global? Look at your business plan and pick the social media accordingly. Twitter is mostly worldwide audience oriented social media while Facebook has shifted into being local popular; there is a platform like VK that is specific region focused and then there’s Instagram and Tik-Tok, the most optimal types and current trends in running online business. And by the way, it does not matter what platform you choose you should invest in boosting the number of engagements when you are just starting, use sites like socialgreg to have a strong foundation for your online business journey.

#2 No hashtags

Every business owner should be aware of the importance of tagging each and every one of their posts does not matter what type of social media they use. Hashtags get your brand, services and products to places where you want them to be and beyond. Nobody will be able to see what you are offering them if you don’t do the tagging unless they magically come across your posts while scrolling on their timeline. Being a part of search feed which is crucially important when running a business online, is out of the question. Search page is saved for the viral posts with a good amount of tags under them. You want to go viral, you need to go viral and tagging is the key to achieving that. Choose a layout of your satisfaction, don’t be lazy and don’t neglect tagging. Specifically instruct your social media managers to not forget to tag the posts and you will experience the benefits that come with it soon.

#3 Not giving enough information

It’s 2021. Nobody wants to see “DM me for prices”. Nobody wants to see just pretty pictures of your products or a half-complete snapshot of the list of services you offer. Transparency is important. Coming in clear about what you offer and what your limits are will only benefit your business. Once your business grows big on social media you will most probably not be able to answer every single DM, PM or comment your customers ask. It is better to take care of misunderstandings beforehand and include the complete list of services and products you offer alongside prices, business hours and contact information. These will only enhance positive feelings in your potential customers and make them come back for more. Not only does it give the sense of organization and order from the side of a business owner but it also guarantees that the majority of engagements you get in the forms of DMs, comments or visits on your website are serious customers with somewhat finalized orders in mind.

#4 Not being active

Signing up your business on social media but not being active just doesn’t make sense. The whole point of creating social media pages is to use them for promotion, announcements about new launches, engagement with your customers or potential collaborations with other brands and attracting the sponsors. Even as a small business owner you need to find some time to update your social media daily. Once your business grows and you find yourself not having enough time to take over social media responsibilities on top of everything else make sure to hire a manager or a team of social media management who will do so for you. It is a solid investment that will definitely do more good than harm. Customers need to be constantly updated on the products, services, new launches or current sales; aside from this, they need to be able to directly communicate and give feedback. Their feedback is your orientation for improving what news to be improved and adjusting your products and services to the customers’s satisfaction. Only way to achieve this to be active on social media.

Keep the communication going. This way you won’t only attract more potential customers. As already mentioned businesses are mainly run on social media nowadays. Those who stay active don’t miss out on new trends among their target audience; a particularly popular service or a product your concurrents on the market may have come up with; overall conditions of the market and what need to be done in order to benefit you and your business. Social media awareness is the way to stay updated on everything important you need to know.

#5 Not being responsive

It is one thing to be inactive on your social media pages by not posting frequently, not updating the information or staying hiatus for a while. It is quite another to be active but still impossible to reach. Does not matter how busy your business is. If you are big you should have more people communicating with the customers. There are three distinguished examples of a badly run social media business account.

The first type include those we have partly discussed above in the inactive social media pages section. If there is no way a customer can reach you they will simply choose to leave and go to your concurrent. Most probably they won’t ever be coming back. First impressions are not only a big deal in off-line interactions.

The second type are those who update their social media frequently but do not answer their comments or DM/PM on time or at all. The whole point of being active is to engage into communication with your customers. If you run your business page yourself and don’t have time to respond to everyone it is a good way to be as informative as possible in your captions and tags. However, people will still ask questions. In that case the best thing to do is answer the most frequently asked ones so everyone can find the answer if they scroll through the comment section. Do not turn the comment section off. This is just unacceptable and makes the customer feel like their feedback or presence on your page does not matter and is not taken seriously. Even if it gets negative sometimes you should stay or instruct your social media managers to keep responding in a polite and positive manner.

The third type are those who do eventually answer on comments and DM/PM but do so after making the customer wait for more than what is acceptable. Nobody wants to wait for hours and days for a response on their inquiry when they ask something during the business hours where you should be active. There is no guarantee that no matter how much they like your product or service they won’t leave for your concurrents who may provide them with sufficient information on time.

#6 Not having social media manager

This particular mistake business owners make is kind of a sum up of everything we have covered here. It could be the fact that you as a business owner are not familiar with a certain social media and the ways in which it works. Or it could be the problem of time. Whatever the reason is when you know you can’t run your social media page effectively it is always better to hire a knowledgeable professional that can do so for you. Many business owners hesitate thinking it will cost them more than necessary or that social media presence is not worth spending some money. It is obvious that running business on social media is not as simple as it seems, you can’t take care of everything at once. Assistants exist for that purpose and social media is not an exemption. Professional social media managers know more about correctly running the page and therefore can help you gain the most out of the experience which will result in financial benefits too.

Not having a social media manager is probably the most frequent mistake business owners make. Fixing this however, could very well result in fixing all the other errors you can make when you decide to run your business on social media.