From concerts to corporate golf excursions, when people need to promote themselves or a cause, the t-shirt is omnipresent. It’s easy to put a logo on a polo shirt or tour dates on the back. 

You probably have a cherished band t-shirt from youth in your closet, while the thrift store is overflowing with polo shirts bearing corporate logos. In either case, if you want to promote your art or business, you can choose from plenty of products aside from t-shirts.

Here are some of the most popular customized products for creatives or people running a side hustle operation.

Tote Bags

Campaigns to reduce the usage of plastic bags have resulted in people using reusable bags wherever possible. Whether it’s the grocery store or even carrying things around town, you’ll see tote bags everywhere if you look.

It’s easy to find print on demand services in Canada that can put your decal on a tote bag, and you won’t even have to handle logistics related to customer satisfaction because of dropshipping. Tote bags are a popular type of product for companies that like to position themselves as environmentally friendly, as these bags cut down on plastics. 

Fittingly, on-demand printing for tote bags is itself a Green practice.

Dog Bowls

Sometimes, the perfect place for your logo is somewhere unexpected: dog bowls! People love dogs, often more than humans — it’s wise to associate your logo with what people love most.

If you have a business like a dog walking company, this type of product is perfect because it’s fun and sits highly visible in people’s homes. It might not be suitable if your brand is more formal and solemn. Like anything, take it on a case-by-case basis.


People get attached to their morning coffee routine: wouldn’t it be nice if you could incorporate your logo into this cherished time in people’s day? It’s never been easier to put your custom logo onto a mug.

It may be especially suitable for writers and podcasters, as those callings are associated with drinking loads of coffee.

Phone Cases

Anybody who has ever dropped their phone and broken a screen wishes they had a case for their phone. Not only are phone cases useful, but they can be expensive. Anyone would love to get a free case for their phone.

And because people bring their phone with them wherever they go, if your logo is on their phone, the chances are high it will be seen. Look for a platform that connects you with providers offering a range of options, from cases that are flexible, hard, and biodegradable. 

The t-shirt is an iconic piece of clothing, and there’s nothing wrong with slapping your logo on them. But the world of print on demand has expanded beyond the t-shirt, so explore the full range of household items, accessories, and clothing that’s out there and pick what’s right for you.