Who Is Dale W Wood?

Dale W Wood first began his foray into investing and entrepreneurship when he obtained his Bachelor of Business and Administration in marketing and management from Texas A&M in 1993. To put himself through college, he worked at Cafe Eccell for the duration of his degree program, quickly obtaining his MBA from International Business at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business shortly after 1995.


Dale Wood then began his career as a marketing specialist for Texas Industries in 1995 after receiving his MBA. He had developed their website, one of the first websites for a company in the construction material manufacturing industry in the early days of the internet.

Ambitious and ready to leave his mark on the world, Dale Wood went on to prove his abilities in a wide range of positions after Texas Industries. These include job-defining roles like an IT recruiter at Kforce Inc. staffing agency in 1997 and president/CEO of HealthYes! Preventive Screening in 2007.

Today, Dale W Wood operates a private investment holding group founded in 2017 called Dale Ventures. He invests primarily in industries and businesses like real estate, consumer and retail businesses, financial and business services, and technology and media.

Successful Dale W Wood Investments

Dale Wood is a seasoned venture capitalist with an extensive portfolio of investments through Dale Ventures. Among some of his most successful endeavors include:

  • Arcadier: Arcadier is an established and innovative marketplace builder that allows business and entrepreneurs (among other entities) to create their marketplaces. Global investor Dale W Wood provided seed funding of $1 million in 2016.
  • Instanda: Instanda is a platform focused on supporting insurance providers by offering digital engagement, distribution, and underwriting services. Dale Wood initially provided them with $1 million worth of funding but soon increased this number by $5.8 million. This move proved to be correct as Instanda is now one of the leading insurance underwriting providers due to its innovative use of top-class artificial intelligence systems.
  • TechMet Limited: Dale Wood became an early investor in TechMet Limited, a private metals business started by industry veteran Brian Menell. Wood put up a seed investment of $1 million. This private metals company now has a significant portion of shares in companies like Brazilian Nickel, Li-Cycle, Tinco, US Vanadium, and Rainbow Rare Earths.
  • Huma: ¬†Huma is a healthcare technology company that was designed to make healthcare more accessible by eliminating unnecessary appointments and tests. Dale invested $1 million in the company. Huma has since made achievements such as being named one of the top UK startups of 2018 on LinkedIn, partnering with major companies like Lenovo and Johnson & Johnson to establish new technologies, and becoming one of the leading healthcare technologies companies in their field.
  • X-Golf Entertainment: X-Golf Entertainment first began in South Korea in 2005. Since then, X-Golf plays a significant role in modernizing the sport and entertaining a new generation. X-Golf America is celebrating the opening of its 29th franchise in the USA. Also, the company is set to open another 21 venues by the end of 2021. With support from Dale Wood would enable X- Golf to expand its business across the globe in the coming decade.
  • Rayo Credit: Rayo Credit is an online loan disbursement and repayment company based in Costa Rica that focuses on offering fast, smaller loans to its customers. Dale Wood not only invested $1 million in this company (with an additional $500,000 and a commitment of up to $5 million later on), but he also acted as a consultant to Rayo Credit to provide them with the support and advice needed to grow and circumvent technical issues.

The Dale Ventures Approach to Partnerships

Dale Wood is actively helping new startups thrive and diversifying his investments. The success of Dale Wood and the organizations he invests in lies in his unique approach to choosing his partnerships. Before he decides to invest, Dale will seek out the following.

  • The organizations that he chooses to work with must be companies where he can actively add tremendous value. If he can’t work side by side with the organization to drive their company forward, it’s not the right match.
  • Dale must be able to cultivate strong teams within the organization so that the company can prosper and scale. Great companies rely on high-value talent and cohesive team environments.
  • He must help the organization create long-term goals and expand into new products and markets to achieve global growth.
  • The company must have a long-term vision and the capacity to make it a reality. Dale Wood offers to fund and works with organizations to craft multi-step, multi-year strategies that help them realize their potential.
  • Dale seeks out vertical markets and organizations with brilliant ideas that will allow them to thrive as they scale. The examples of past investments provided above illustrate this point well.
  • Organizations that receive support from Dale Ventures will fall into his areas of expertise, which include real estate, consumer and retail businesses, financial and business services, and technology and media, as we’ve stated above.

Dale W Wood focuses on adding value to growing organizations in the form of capital and works with the teams as consultants to ensure that they have all the tools needed to thrive in their given industry. Dale is highly hands-on and believes in working closely with founders and developing relationships that will improve the overall process of working with Dale Ventures as the partnership moves forward.

Dale Wood also places a significant emphasis on cultivating long-term value within an organization. This is achieved by establishing long-term business goals, developing clear and transparent communication among all team members, and building and maintaining cohesive, powerful teams that drive the company forward. Put simply, Dale’s passion for business and his focus on creating organizations that last are what sets him apart from other venture capitalists and allows the companies he works with to be groundbreaking and establish themselves in their industry.

How You Can Grow Your New Startup With Dale Wood

Suppose you’re a young startup looking to achieve success and stand out from the competition. In that case, it’s not just about securing funding for your organization but receiving the type of direction that’s required for your business to scale successfully. Dale Wood’s extensive experience and track record of working with organizations in a wide variety of industries may provide you with the support you need to thrive.

By choosing to partner with Dale Ventures, you receive a hyperfocused team that approaches your organization to develop the best possible systems and processes and cultivate teams that go above and beyond to ensure that you meet all of your business goals.

If you need funding and the type of guidance and support that Dale Ventures has to offer, you can take the first steps by contacting Dale Ventures.