Information technology is constantly developing, with innovations appearing every day. Although cryptocurrencies have been around for quite a long time, there are still a lot of people who have no idea of what they are. Not to mention being able to work with them. This is a big omission as the crypto industry has huge potential. Increasing financial literacy and understanding the basics will help improve your well-being.

Development of the crypto industry

Today, it’s hardly possible to find a person that does not know about the existence of digital assets. The most astute ones, including Maksym Blazhkun, paid attention to the industry when it was just beginning to develop. Thanks to his remarkable intelligence and the ability to analyze the prospects of a business project, Maksym was able to invest competently and make a profit from cryptocurrencies. Back then, there was bitcoin and a few altcoins, all worth a penny. The current situation is known to everyone – it was possible to make hundreds and thousands of percent on the coins. And, according to leading experts in finance and economics, things will continue to develop rapidly – investors still have time to make the right decision and diversify their capital with cryptocurrencies.

The most important step towards increasing the availability of such assets was the emergence of specialized exchange platforms. To put it simply, now, everyone can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies – everything is done exactly the same way as at usual stock exchanges. The number of clients is constantly growing, and the conditions are as comfortable as possible. Among the actively developing is LocalTrade, which cooperates with Maksym Blazhkun as Business Development Officer. Such cooperation pays off – a competent approach to business processes allowed making a big step forward, the geography of the company’s activity is constantly expanding, more and more regions get access to useful information and opportunities for cryptocurrency trading.

Why it is important to know how to work with crypto – says Maxim Blazhkun

The past year since the onset of the pandemic has shown how unstable things are in the economy. Back at the beginning of 2020, markets were growing, and prospects seemed bright, and already two months later, half of the world was facing a lockdown. The markets collapsed dramatically, and there was a real financial panic. The most financially savvy investors quickly realized that things were only going to get worse. And indeed, inflation began to gain momentum as a result of a virtually uncontrolled printing of trillions of dollars. Consequently, the purchasing power of the common fiat dollar had decreased, and for the same amount of money, one could buy far fewer goods than before the pandemic. Inflation affected everything, from food to building materials and electronics.

And what happened to cryptocurrencies? All the major coins showed significant growth. We are not talking about 10-20%, which is considered a great result for stock assets and a huge success for fiat currencies. No, cryptocurrencies are growing by hundreds and even thousands of percent in some cases. Here’s what Blazhkun Maksym Vladymyrovych says about the future prospects:

“Cryptocurrencies will definitely stay with us for a long time. This is a new-generation investment asset that has almost unlimited prospects.”

If well-known entrepreneurs talk about cryptocurrency in this way, there is no room for doubt. The coins bought from a promising project can turn into millions after a few months. The only important thing is to invest correctly and look for exactly such projects. It is they that bring a huge income, and for the preservation of capital and growth on a slightly smaller scale, time-tested and well-known coins will be perfect.

How to learn to work with cryptocurrency – LocalTrade and Maksym Blazhkun’s info tour

Quality and up-to-date information is worth its weight in gold today. Everyone is talking about investments and cryptocurrency, including those who have absolutely no idea of the basics.  In this regard, getting access to reliable, useful information about trading and the use of digital assets can be called a real blessing. Many trading platforms do not offer any informational support as part of their activities but focus only on providing trading services. They have the right to do so, but customers of such exchanges face many difficulties since this industry is completely new to most people, and it is hard to understand the principles and algorithms of its functioning.

LocalTrade has a completely different approach. One of the key features of the company is customer support and training. A specially created LocalTrade University department carries out educational activities, including:

  • Detailed information about blockchain technology, its working principles and mechanisms.
  • Trading basics and key features of cryptocurrency trading.
  • Extensive online courses from experienced crypto traders, providing the most useful information on effective trading methods.

Maksym Blazhkun, Development Officer of the exchange, perfectly understands the direction in which the platform should develop. He considers the principle of providing only exchange services less promising than a comprehensive approach and more extensive work with clients. The better the clients’ businesses, the higher the profit of the exchange, which operates at the expense of transaction fees. More income from clients means more deals and more volumes. Unfortunately, not everyone can realize this simple truth, which is partially the reason for the slow development of some platforms. Of course, not everyone has a good understanding of business processes and entrepreneurial experience. We will tell in more detail about the engine of the project and its main source of knowledge.

Maksym Blazhkun and his cooperation with LocalTrade

It’s no secret that in any industry or activity, experience and skill are extremely important. The former will allow achieving success later on, while the latter provides an opportunity to fulfill even greater goals. Maksym Blazhkun differs from other entrepreneurs by his courage and desire to move forward. The biography of this extraordinary man shows that if you have the necessary skills, you can become successful in all your endeavors. Among the key points, the following should be highlighted:

  • Maksym has three university degrees, including theology, law, and economics. For six years, he studied at Pontifical Gregorian University and participated in Papal Audiences. Maksym Blazhkun‘s IQ is 169, which is outstanding.
  • He is writing his doctoral dissertation on the implementation of blockchain technology in the state economy. And he is only 35 now!
  • Maksym Blazhkun is a winner of the State Prize. He was awarded for his significant contribution to the development of the economy.
  • Consulting of such big projects as NBK Group, implementation of the possibility of receiving fiat money in ATMs and post offices when making transactions from a cryptocurrency exchange. The direction is considered very promising and is discussed in many countries.
  • Actively participates in obtaining the necessary licenses to operate in various jurisdictions and the development of payment systems and registrations. All these measures are aimed at the full integration of cryptocurrencies.
  • Visited 118 countries, in many of which, he conducted training and helped with business activities.

You can notice that the achievements are quite significant, considering that Maksym Blazhkun is still quite young. His excellent education and knowledge of eight languages allow him to conduct activities abroad without any problems, teach and bring knowledge about cryptocurrency to people across the globe. At LocalTrade, Maksym Blazhkun holds the position of Chief Business Development Officer. Thanks to his vast experience and participation in dozens of projects as a manager, Maksym moves the project in the right direction; the development is fast-paced, and much attention is given to teaching and helping newcomers as well as those who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies and are just looking for the most convenient platform to work with it.

Right now, the LocalTrade tour is going to take place in Latin America, with Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Argentina being among the countries announced. All meetings are conducted in the form of seminars; they are absolutely free and aimed at providing information about what prospects become available for investors working with cryptocurrency assets, what a huge potential the industry has, and the LocalTrade in general. At the moment, the company is actively developing, adopting advanced technologies and offering a wide range of tools. Together with the previously mentioned projects on the development of payment systems and the expansion of the company’s geography, a unique eco-environment is created, in which clients are offered maximum convenience and provided with the opportunity to gain knowledge and apply it in practice when working with cryptocurrency assets.

A series of meetings with people interested in cryptocurrency across Latin America will start as early as November 1. These free seminars will help learn a lot of new things. In addition to his main CBDO position, Maksym Blazhkun will personally talk about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency opportunities, and prospects.

LocalTrade aims to take a bigger market share by providing quality services and innovations. In a highly competitive market, it needs to give its customers and everyone concerned something that others cannot. The company spends a lot of money to demonstrate all its advantages and great development prospects because it is at meetings with people interested in cryptocurrency that one can show all the possibilities and opportunities of working with LocalTrade to the full extent. And with such experienced people as Maksym Blazhkun as CBDO, this becomes especially efficient.