Are you looking for any software applications to make your blog posts, podcasts, videos, and PDFs into an e-book? Then you are in the right place. Designrr is here to create your Blogposts, PDFs into a fantastic e-book.

Why should you create eBooks?

You may ask why you should make an E-book. Here we will say the reasons for making an EBook. Over the last few years, smartphone sales have soared. And EBook became a bread-and-butter strategy in generating leads. It’s one kind of content marketing for your business in attracting customers or online traffic. In the digital world, online e-commerce or online business has become so popular. Everything is transforming to digitalization. At that moment, EBook is like a trump card to increase the growth of online business and bring more online traffics.

  1. An E-book attracts targeted leads:

Creating an e-book is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. The objective of content marketing is attracting people or customers interested in buying what you are offering. An eBook is a fantastic way to attract targeted leads that can eventually be converted into paying customers. For the strategy of attracting targeted leads via your eBooks, follow these steps:

  • Identifying a target audience
  • Brainstorming topics, they would be interested in
  • Creating an eBook involved one or more of those topics
  • Promoting eBook to your target audience
  • Requiring an email in exchange for your eBook
  1. Growing your email list:

If your business depends heavily on the internet, you will have to focus on consistently growing your email list. Even if your business isn’t an online business, an email list will give you direct access to people interested and desire to buy what you are offering them.

Every business owner loves and expects the sound of that. That is the sound of money. An eBook is hands down the best way to grow your email list. When you offer an eBook, you should always require an email address to gain access and further use.

  1. Increasing website traffic:

After creating your eBook, you will be able to promote them on social media and bring traffic to your blog, website, or the product page. You can include a call-to-action in your books; you can directly get your readers to your website, sale page, mobile apps, etc.

  1. Building Connection and engagement with your audience:

Having an email list is the most important for sustainable, long-term business success. So offering an eBook to your audience can be the best way to grow your email lists. You can make a system of asking for their email address before sending them the eBook.

If you have their emails, it will be an excellent opportunity to build a relationship and get some feedback. There are many strategies you can do with your audience to be creative!

  1. Easy to create:

EBooks are very easy to make -literally, it costs very little you have ever thought. You need not have any special skills to create eBooks. Here is the designrr for you to create a custom build EBook according to your desire and interest. Please give us your content blog posts, video, PDF, whatever it is. We are highly professional to build your eBook.

It would be best if you made it once, put it on your website, and it will generate leads permanently. Unlike other marketing strategies like blog posting and promoting on social media, creating an eBook is a one-time effort, but its value is a lifetime!

  1. E-Book Consumption Is Rapidly Increasing:

The demand for eBook consumption is at the peak of all-time. 50% of Americans own a dedicated e-reader device, and even more are reading eBooks via computer, cell phone, etc. This means your next paying customer will most likely read eBooks. I will leave you with this question: When your target audiences need valuable information on a specific topic and subject, do you want them to discover and read your eBook or one of your competitor’s eBooks? You will expect that your customers will consume your eBooks. So, it is high time you should transform your blogposts, PDFs into eBooks.

How will you create an eBook?

Now come to the question of how you can create an eBook. And what will be the pricing for creating eBooks? We have several services for creating eBooks. You can choose one or more, whatever you like.

First of All, there are two methods of making eBooks. They are:

  1. Business Plans
  2. Agency Plans.

In business plans, only one user can use it to create eBooks. It’s suitable if you are alone or in a sole proprietorship business. Here you will get many opportunities, such as getting a hundred project templates and unlimited eBook making. If you need any pic for creating your eBooks, you will get unlimited use of copyright-free images and a flipbook generator.

If you look for pro service, then you will get double benefits at a comparatively fair price. And the more you go to the next or advanced level services like premium and business, the more you will get the best service and plenty of work at a low price. So, decisions are depending on you which one you will choose. But mostly recommended on business plans is the Business price.

Now in the term for agency plans. Suppose you operate an agency plant business in creating eBooks like eBook publication. It would be best if you had more transactions and more facilities which may absent from Business plans. So, for you guys, we have Agency plans project where you will get more and more facilities beyond thinking capacity.

In agency plans, you will get 25 transcriptions Hours/m 5+ Multi-Users so many facilities like, 3D cover image tools, clone project and creating custom templates, and so on. In agency plans, you will get 24/7 service whenever you want. So, don’t wait. Grab your desired and expected benefit. designrr is offering you the best service on making eBooks.