We all know that ladies have always been conscious about shopping and get confused when it comes to the quality of the product, especially when it comes to handbags. Many qualities are available in the market, and it is tough to distinguish which one is worth buying. Branded companies always target the niche for their products, and average customers are constantly deprived of those handbags. 

China contributes a lot to the replica industry, and fashion freaks are getting benefited. There are numerous qualities in the market, and prices vary from quality to quality. Since the inception of social media, the handbags industry has been expanded. It has made shopping easy for the ladies, who constantly search online for best quality Louis Vuitton replicas etc. 

So many qualities are being sold in the market. Here we discuss a few of them for better understanding and making a wise decision before buying a new handbag. There you go.      

Types of Replica Qualities in the Market.

There are many types of replica grades in the market. However, we will cover only common grades which are known to the general public. The list of the standard grades are as follows:

1. AAA Quality

The top layer of calfskin is used in Triple-A, and this quality is ranked medium to above level. Acceptable in prices and the look & feel is way better. Triple-A is popular among handbag buyers.

Mostly, the serial number is missing inside the bag, as you can find it in the original bag. It might last for 4 to 6 months, and nothing can be claimed after purchase, so you will only have the option to go for the new one.

. Cost

Usually, these quality bags sell between USD 20 to USD 150, depending upon the bag. Prices vary from seller to seller, which should be cross-checked before buying. 

. Availability

These quality bags can be easily purchased online from AliExpress. Direct online sellers refrain from selling this quality as customs don’t allow selling the same and ceasing them. Customers may go upset upon non-delivery and end up posing negative review on the website, which may lead to trust issues.

Direct sellers may not re-ship the bag as they bear the shipping cost, and most sellers on AliExpress offer free shipping. 

2.1:1 Grade – Counter Quality Replica Bags

They are made of a top layer of calfskin imported from the countries where original ones are produced and designed. Limited products are allowed to be manufactured per day. The whole production process is copied the same as the real ones in this grade.

Since the fine stitching, limited output per day and top quality make the prices go up, and one should consider one of those qualities to buy. 1:1 quality replica handbags are reasonable as compare to AAA quality bags.

. Cost

The quality bags range between USD 130 to USD 250 depending upon the bag and how new is it in the stock. Also, prices vary from seller to seller in the market. 

. Availability

These quality bags are readily available in the online market. It is highly recommended to do the research by visiting the blogs posted on seller websites and then decide which meets your requirement.   

Direct sellers are available for these grade bags and can be communicated through their email address or other available media. You can always look for assistance if there is any quality issue with the product in future.

3. Lushentic Grade 

Lushentic Grade Replica Bags are the best choice to go for it. It offers you the replica, almost near the original quality and very hard to distinguish. China has hired the top leather and metal artisans from original factories of several luxury brands in Italy, Spain and France to take full advantage of their imitation quality and expertise. Lushentic grade has impacted the global market since 2019, and China has been manufacturing high-quality Lushentic grade since more than ten years ago.

The same quality of leather material being used in Counter Quality Replica Bags by the manufacturer and Lushentic grade handbag industry will be a new level of designer dupes. Pricing is the primary factor that leads customers to go for Highest Quality Replica Bags as original brands earn 80% to 90% profit, which is way too high for an average customer.

. Cost

Lushentic grade replica bags cost around USD 250 to USD 450, depending upon the bag. It is high in cost, but the quality is never compromised. If you purchase more than seven bags, a 20% discount on the retail price can be availed from the seller. However, a message has to be sent to the seller to get the discounted prices. 

. Availability

There are plenty of online sellers for Lushentic Grade Replica Bags with factories located in Guangdong, China. A number of them have established their presence online through website or Instagram. 


So, we have discussed the counter quality replica bags here. It is undoubtedly going to be easy while deciding on buying the highest grade designer dupes. Lushentic grade tops among all the qualities available in the market. Pricing is the decisive factor, and it varies from quality to quality. 

A wise person always chooses quality over quantity. A quality product will last longer, and you might not pay again and again for the same handbag. Lushentic grade has been in the market for more than ten years, and it is the highest grade designer dupes

The decision is all yours, but it can be easily said that other qualities are nowhere near to Lushentic grade replica bags.

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