Watches help us keep track of time, but you can also use them to accessorize your outfits. There are tons of different classes of luxury watches. And each and every one of them has different special features that make them unique from other wristwatches. Maintaining a lavish lifestyle is not that hard as long as you know the right things to buy.

If you’re planning on purchasing one, the first thing you need to do is do a lot of research to know the features of the particular watch you want to buy. Doing some background check on these kinds of things are essential because it can help you decide which watch would fit your taste. Here is a list of 5 luxury watches for your fancy lifestyle.

  • Aikon Chronograph White Dial Men’s Watch

This watch is perfect for guys who love wristwatches that have a big casing. The Aikon Chronograph Men’s watch has a sleek and classy design, making any dress or attire look more presentable. This watch’s comfortability is very impressive, given the fact that it is considered an oversized wristwatch.

There are different types of this watch, but this version is the best because of its simplistic design. Maurice Lacroix has been in the watch industry for so long now, and people are buying them because of their quality. This chronograph watch is one of their masterpieces, and it is one of their best sellers.

  • Omega Speedmaster Racing Automatic Chronograph Watch

Omega watches are known for their exquisite designs. The Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph watch is the perfect timepiece for looking for a luxury sports watch. The three subdials of this watch can help you time any activity you’re doing. You will surely fall in love with this timepiece once you see it.

Even though it has a sporty look, it can still be worn to any event, be it formal or casual. You can always match them with your tuxedos and casual clothes. The flexibility of its design is what makes it great because it doesn’t limit the choices of the person wearing it. It’s not that heavy on the wrist despite the large casing it has.

  • Chopard Mille Miglia Racing Watch

If you want a timepiece that has a rich and exciting history, then the Chopard Mille Miglia Racing watch is the timepiece for you. This beauty was inspired by a classic Italian race called Mille Miglia. This race was dubbed as the most beautiful race in the world. This race watch is best worn with formal attire, and it can be a good conversation piece.

The most unique thing about this timepiece is that the color variants represent the different nations that participated in the said race. You can never find another watch that has this kind of history. This is the perfect watch for people who love to collect racing timepieces.

  • Patek Philippe Nautilus

This timepiece is one of the most expensive watches on this list, and many people are dreaming of acquiring this one. From the name itself, you’ll know right away that it’s water-resistant. This watch’s rotor is made with 21k gold, which probably explains why it cost that much. The clear casing in the back is made of sapphire glass, allowing you to see the mechanisms inside.

You will indeed look luxurious once you purchase this one because the company that made it is one of the most well-known watch companies in the watch industry. Buying this watch is a great investment, but you should be wise when it comes to spending because this is not the type of watch you can easily buy in watch stores.

  • Michael Kors Rose Gold Dylan Watch

Some people think that gold watches don’t fit well with men because, for them, watches that have gold color in them should only be worn by women. The Michael Kors Rose Gold Dylan watch can prove those people wrong because this watch’s color combination blends perfectly with any outfit a guy is wearing.

It has a date window and three subdials, which is very helpful because it helps you keep track of your time with accuracy, especially when you’re doing an activity that needs accurate timing. The movement inside of it is impressive, and the face and casing of this watch are very durable and eye-catching.


There is no harm in buying a luxury watch, not unless you’re not financially stable. You will indeed have problems if you spend money on accessories like this one if you don’t have the extra budget for these things. You should be careful when buying these types of timepieces because many fake ones are being sold in the market.