Takeaway: Internships are in huge demand. And why not they should be? There are multiple benefits that these internships provide. From getting an experience for further work in your career to getting an opportunity for higher studies, they provide a lot!

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Internship.co.in is the newest internship finding portal in India. It doesn’t just promise, but also help students find amazing internships. The site has multiple amazing features, which makes it the favorite for the candidates as well as the recruiters.

Here are some amazing features offered by internship.co.in:

  1. Search internship by location

You can search the internships in your chosen town and cities by just entering your preferred location in the search bar. Get hundreds of internships in your favorite city in just a fraction of seconds.

  1. Profile customization tool

You can add the relevant skills, qualifications, certifications, interests, etc. This will help you get the attention of concerned recruiters and help you create your resume.

  1. Get the company’s details

You can get to know the company better you wish to intern for by looking at their profile. Get to know about the establishment’s history and much more. You can even ask your doubts and queries.

  1. Earn via partner program

Who doesn’t like to earn those extra bucks and rewards? With internship.co.in’s partner program, you can now earn extra money and amazing gift vouchers as well!

  1. Vast variety of internships

From graphic designing internships to marketing and much more, we have it all. Internship.co.in has a large number of recruiters assigned with us so that the students can do internships in any field.

Importance of doing internships:

  1. Students can learn in professional areas

Nursing students who need to participate in clinics will tell you how important the knowledge gained when applying the theory. This type of experiential learning is what internships mean.

Students can develop and apply the skills, ideas, and concepts learned in the classroom. The ability to develop and hone technological skills that promote growth and development while at the same time acquiring sector-specific skills – and often technology – related to their field is critical.

  1. Students can find a presentation of their chosen field

Eighty percent of college students will make significant changes simultaneously during their undergraduate years. For many, the field that I was most attracted to at first as they began their college education may not have turned out to be what they had hoped for as they learned.

Doing internships from portals like internshala or internship.co.in can be a great way to taste real work experience in a particular field before committing to it completely. “Apart from going in the door with a potential employer and looking good in a resume, internships have other benefits, such as the opportunity to ‘test drive’ the job,” explains Alexander Lowry, a professor of finance at Gordon College.

“The training gives students access to pressure in their field,” said Christopher K. Lee, career coordinator and founder of PurposeRedeemed. “With this experience, they can decide if they will pursue something else.”

  1. Students can establish critical network links

By taking advantage of internships, Anderson and Taylor Kemp highlighted the very important opportunity for students to build valuable professional connections before they even graduate.

“Students are allowed to connect and build contacts in their field,” they said. “For many students, an internship is a stepping stone to additional opportunities for the same organization, including full-time employment.”

  1. Learners can get useful job information

One of the biggest frustrations for college graduates striving to get a job report is the problems that arise when only open positions require job experience that they have not yet had the opportunity to get.

“Since you just graduated from college, you rarely have anything important to say in a job interview. No one asks about your accounting course or what degree you got in a team project,” explains Kaitlyn Trabucco, founder of Educators by CoLearn, the parent marketplace for educational resources. “The best work experience you can get in your internship.”

Our experts are united on this point.

“The training provides job experience that helps students apply their education, develop their leadership skills and give them a competitive edge as they strive for a permanent position,”

Lowry said.