Sports are considered a physical activity that requires a special set of skills and teams to compete and compete against each other just for fun. These games require dedicated venues, called stadiums, which should accommodate participants and spectators. Discount stadium lights can take place at any time of the day and light plays an important role in the success of sports.

Stadium lighting applications are those that require extreme heights. These lights have to emit a narrow high-intensity beam of light from a great distance. The three main things you need to get high-intensity light, these lights are equipped with, are a small optical source size, high light output (lemons), and an efficient optic design that eliminates the need for diffusion or mixing.

With an incredible light output of and a ideal degree beam angle, stadium lights are ideal for lighting large stadiums and sports facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts and football fields, or other large areas Which requires plenty of light.

Discount stadium lights are, in addition to lighting, artificial lighting has to be added to the stadium so that natural light can be mimicked during the day to ensure the continuity of the games.   are perfect light for outdoor areas because they are shatter resistant and anti-corrosion protected with an IP65 rating for weather conditions. Stadium light are constructed with strong material and state-of-the-art circuit system, this stadium light has an excellent heat dissipation system and extremely low EMI noise generation. Beautiful, functional and strong design!

Tips for buying stadium lights

Lighting stadiums is an experience that gets better over time. When the lights are set, the players shine a light on them. This helps them to play well and the audience can see clearly. The choice of lighting for a soccer field and stadium can be a challenge for many. If you are planning to install lighting on a soccer field or stadium, here are some tips to help you choose the best.

Stadium lighting involves more than just installing lamps at strategic points. It has rules and regulations and standards that must be followed. With advances in technology, these standards have become a bit more demanding. Therefore, it is important to find the right manufacturer.

Check the beam angle

Beam angle dictates how light is scattered in the field. If the angle is narrow, the uniformity of light is low. But if the angle is wide, the regularity of light is greater. Therefore, the lights you choose must have the right beam angle to balance the stadium.

Quality of light

Always go for high quality lighting that can provide a great glow and cool temperature on the football field. Although there are several top brands to choose from, you need to make sure you make the best choice. Fortunately, the failure rate of field and stadium lights is low. But make sure you go for high quality people.

Lighting design

Different stadiums have different needs. To meet these needs, different types of lighting designs are often required, i.e. different types of power options with different beams. Does your research decide what design you want and make sure it fits your budget. Next, make a list of sports lighting contractors who are eligible to launch your project. A good stadium lights supplier should design a design suitable for potential customers.

Choose waterproof lights

The effectiveness and durability of soccer field lighting depends on a number of factors. One of the factors is water resistance. Since light can be affected by conditions such as humidity and water, you cannot neglect this factor. So check the ratings to make sure they can handle harsh weather conditions.

Heat dissipation

Excessive heat can easily damage stadium lights. A good system should have proper ventilation. Therefore, when choosing lights, consider those that are made of pure aluminum. This is because the most advanced aluminum has the highest delivery rate.

Glare free lighting

While most people do not take glare intensity into account when choosing soccer field and stadium lighting, it is an important factor when it comes to sports lighting. This is because too much glare can cause visual discomfort for football players and fans.

Football fields and stadiums have benefited greatly from the lighting system. They have increased the safety of fans and players. Moreover, the neighbors and businesses around the stadiums won. But when planning to install a light, make sure you follow the rules and check with your neighbors to make sure no light falls into their home.


What kind of guarantees do they offer? A standard lighting manufacturer will guarantee both products and services. Good lights come with warranty. Remember that the quality of stadium lights is as important as the quality of the design and installation process.


Enough light makes it easy to see everyone. This makes it easier for visitors to protect their property. Appropriate amount of light easier for fans to see what’s going on in the field by improving the experience. In addition, these lights can be adapted to audio effects.