Nowadays most agents are turning towards the 100% Commission Brokerage model and choosing 100% commission over the traditional commission model. Let’s have a discussion over it and find the reason behind it.

Where to get the right Company for the commission structure?

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About 100% commission brokerage

Just like different commission brokerage structures, the 100% commission model is one of the most popular and accepted structures among them. Unlike other traditional commission brokerage systems, it doesn’t include the division of the commission instead the agents get the whole 100% commission. However, he does have to pay a certain amount of fees per transaction.

Hence, people are finding it more profitable as compared to the others. Here are some of its advantages:

  • You can work on your own, you don’t have to obey the Brokerage.
  • You will get the opportunity to create your brand and also can-do marketing and branding with the known businesses.
  • You don’t have to depend upon the brokerage for the training and all.
  • There is more transparency between you and your clients.

Reasons to join the commission brokerage

As it has been mentioned that it is more advantageous over the other traditional commission real estate models. Let’s discuss briefly the reasons behind people joining the 100% commission real estate structure. Here are the reasons:

  • Zero split structure with the brokerage: as discussed earlier, it doesn’t have any splitting process. Hence, there is no splitting of commission between the brokerage and the agents. The agents get the whole commission amount.
  • Independence: in this structure, even though there is a broker in charge, you still have the independence to make your own decision and as you are getting the whole commission you can use the extra money and invest it in your business.
  • Early payment: in most of the 100% commission real estate companies, you don’t have to wait for the payment. Instead, they make the payment at the right time as soon as you complete the file.
  • Unlimited support: even though the brokers do have not much to deal with you in 100% Commission models, still you get the needed and enough support from the brokerage whenever you need it.
  • Opportunity to grow your own business: As mentioned above, you get a large amount of commission as there is no splitting of the commission, you can use the money and reinvest it in your company to create your brand and expand your business.


As mentioned previously, here the agents get more amount of money and can use them for the betterment of their own business, and hence, it gives them more profit and increases their success rate. However, be careful while trusting and choosing the 100% commission real estate companies, as not everyone is worthy of it.