Lamps are an element that makes any space look comfortable and welcoming. They are an element that cannot be missed and, when appropriately placed and with the right design, can be hard to ignore! At LuxeDECOR, we have created a curated selection of the most premium, high-quality lamps that match various preferences, settings, and environments. Choose from among traditional and modern designs with our collection of unique, vibrant, and fantastic pieces.

decor table lamps

Table Lamps

Decorate your table with our refined selection of luxury table lamps from the best manufacturers across the globe. Choose from artistic motifs, bold modern pieces of traditionally designed creations to illuminate your desk with lamps of the highest quality, elegance, and opulence. Our selection of modern and traditional desk lamps is carefully curated to offer a variety of aesthetically appealing table lamps to match any décor or ambiance perfectly.

Floor Lamps

Add a relaxed and comfortable patch of light to your home or office with our selection of floor lamps of varying standard sizes made with wood, metal, and crystal in a traditional, modern, creative, and artistic designs to best suit your preferences. Our selection of floor lamps features bold and decorative pieces as well as more sublime creations that perfectly balance the atmosphere of any home or office space and add an element of refined elegance and taste.

Buffet Lamps

Can a lamp be the center of attention? Yes, it can, when you choose from our selection of Buffet lamps! We offer a distinctive collection that features artisanal pieces that carry vibrant motifs made in varying traditional and modern styles to best match your surroundings. From sophisticated conventional pieces to sleek and minimal modern buffet lamps, you can find the perfect fit for your home and office décor from our collection of the highest quality, premium, and luxurious buffet lamps.

Desk Lamps

Choose from a variety of copper, brass, iron, aluminum, wooden, and aluminum desk lamps that are made with striking traditional designs or vibrant and bold modern aesthetics to match your tastes and preferences from our selection of luxury desk lamps. Whether you prefer an industrial and bright desk lamp or add a traditional lighting piece for reading and writing quickly, our desk lamp selection is curated for finesse and elegance to match your taste and requirements.

LED Lamps

We offer energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options to adorn your desks, tables, and rooms with LED lamps that are made to last! Made with high quality, premium, and durable materials, our selection of LED lamps offer traditional, classic, modern, or minimalistic aesthetics in a variety of finishes, designs, and colors. You can choose the LED lamp that best fits your requirements and preferences from our selection of the most luxurious pieces.

Tiffany Lamps

Accentuated, vibrant, and elegant visual masterpieces are offered through our collection of luxury Tiffany lamps. They provide a traditional design decorated with flowering and nature motifs using artistically crafted crystal and glazed glass. With a Tiffany lamp on your table, you can surely catch the attention of guests and visitors while creating a beautiful ambiance and environment for your home and office. With a Tiffany lamp, your desk will always look uniquely exciting and pleasing!

Rustic Lamps

Do you want to add a touch of rustic and traditional elegance to your room? Choose from our selection of rustic, traditional, industrial lamps and add a wild and strikingly bold classical appeal to your desk and office. Made to resemble time-honored designs and motifs, our collection of Rustic lamps can match a variety of interiors and décor schemes and perfectly complement the environment of any room. For the perfect art pieces, choose a rustic design lamp of your choice from our collection.

Industrial Lamps

Sleek, bold, and functional, our selection of industrial lamps features polished exteriors, visually pleasing symmetric and abstract designs, and unique mechanistic constructions to add an element of functionality and appealing aesthetic to your home or office space. Complement your interiors and create electrifying displays with our selection of industrial lamps from the most luxurious manufacturers worldwide.

Timeless and True to Tradition

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