Diabetes is a lifelong disease with no cure. Patients ruled out with diabetes need to live the rest of their lives with it. The exact causes of type 2 diabetes or any other form of it are still unknown for researchers.

What are the causes of Type 2 Diabetes?

Many people with diabetes condition often develop signs and symptoms gradually and slowly with time.

Type 2 diabetes is one of Its types which is primarily a result of two interrelated problems –

  • Pancreases were unable to secrete enough insulin to manage high or low sugar levels.
  • Insulin resistance is, in which muscle, liver, and fat cells become resistant to insulin.
  • Glucose (sugar) is the main source of energy for the cells and it comes from food and the liver.
  • The liver also stores glucose and breaks it down when glucose levels are low in the body.

In the type 2 diabetes mentioned process of insulin and glucose doesn’t work as it should suppose to be.

Comparing it with type 1 diabetes where the immune system mistakenly destroys healthy cells leading to no or less insulin.

But in type 2 diabetes sugar starts building in the blood rather than moving into cells. This build up of sugar in the blood causes the pancreases to build more insulin and become impaired or unable to produce enough insulin.

Insulin secretion

  • Insulin is a natural hormone produced by the pancreas.
  • It helps transport glucose from bloodstreams to cells, where it can be used for energy.
  • The use of sugar in the body regulates by insulin by enabling sugar to enter cells.
  • Insulin also regulated the amount of sugar in the blood by lowering sugar spikes.
  • Resulting pancreas releasing less insulin.

Insulin Resistant

  • In a condition like type 2 diabetes body becomes resistant to insulin.
  • It is seen in many type 2 diabetes cases that the pancreas produces enough insulin, but a body is unable to move it to cells for energy.
  • This leads the pancreas to work harder with more force, eventually damaging cells in the pancreas along with insulin resistance.
  • After all of that pancreas slows down the production of insulin, resulting in too much glucose in the bloodstream.
  • Such cases are seen in prediabetic people where blood sugar levels are higher than normal and lower enough for not getting diagnosed as diabetes.
  • Prediabetes is reversible unless you got to know about it on time.
  • Patients who are not been able to manage their type 2 diabetes, gradually develop resistance to insulin.
  • Along with a decrease in insulin production.

Other possible causes of type 2 diabetes

  • Age is an important factor that plays role in many conditions including diabetes.
  • People above 45 are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Obesity can causes insulin resistance in the body.
  • Also, more research is required to link obesity and diabetes, but it can be a contributing factor as excessive fat can cause inflammation and result in resistance to insulin in the body.
  • Other factors like weight gain, less exercise, decreased muscle mass can’t be ignored.
  • Nutrition plays a crucial role in vital health, while many countries around the world have a population that doesn’t get enough nutrition from their diet.
  • Diets high in unhealthy calories, fat, and harmful carbs can cause insulin resistance.
  • Family history or genetics plays an important role when it comes to diseases.
  • Exercise not only makes you feel good but it also helps the body in many ways.
  • Regular exercise also reduces the risk of health conditions like diabetes.
  • It is often seen that people with diabetes have a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise.
  • According to mfany kinds of research, cystic fibrosis or hemochromatosis like genetic conditions have the potential to damage the pancreases. Which later on leads to the development of diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes developed during pregnancy can cause type 2 diabetes later in life.
  • Hormonal conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, Hyperthyroidism, Acromegaly, can also lead to diabetes.

When to see a doctor?

If you are diagnosed with diabetes or have any type 2 diabetes symptoms like increased thirst, frequent urination, increased hunger, Unintended weight loss, Fatigue, Blurred vision, Slow-healing sores, frequent infections, Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, Areas of darkened skin, usually in the armpits and neck, etc.

Along with the symptoms people who are obese, or overweight, have low levels of HDL cholesterol, age above 45, excessive fat stored around the waist and hip, is unactive, prediabetic, etc, are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

Because of type 2 diabetes major organs like nerves, eyes, kidneys, vessels, heart are at higher risk of damage.

In such cases, it’s always been better to consult a specialized doctor or an expert before complications get worse. Managing diabetes can give you a happier life by lowering all the risks and complications alongside coexisting conditions.

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