The Kibo Code Quantum is on its upcoming release, as announced by Steve and Aidan. This system is considered the most advanced method to get a high ROI from products sold online without Amazon and Facebook and with no extensive product inventory.

Background of Kibo Code Quantum

Kibo Code Quantum is a well-known business model known for allowing business users to create a sustainable business online. It also provides users with a passive income to live the life they have ever imagined. This program features a course for eight weeks for building an eCom company while starting from scratch. This system is said to be the same program that works for Aidan Booth and his partner, Steve Clayton, in building an e-commerce empire. Using the Kibo Code Quantum, you’ll be guided on how to make earnings from your business.

Eight Weeks of Kibo Code Quantum

Week 1

During this week, you’ll learn how to accomplish your first-week course. You’ll receive your software credentials, pick a store name, obtain a domain for your store, create a logo, set up the contact information in your store, set up a payment, and sign up for the training session for the second module.

Week 2

During this week, you’ll learn about the Kibo Accountability Program, get an update from the Community, get acquainted with the Kibo Code live events information, and jump on the Kibo Kickstart. It’s a fun surprise for the users, as the creators have been working on them for quite some time already. Join a fun contest, and review the steps to take to be prepared to send traffic to your website and make a sale in the following week.

Week 3

This is one of the exciting weeks while taking the Kibo Code Quantum because it is where the fun begins. It’s time to make real money. The actual training starts as you learn the ‘how to.’ In this module, you’re expected to get a domain, set up your store, set up the payment gateway, load the site with the available placeholder products, create a logo, add an 1800 number, and get a Microsoft ad set. After all these, you’ll be at the point where you can add handpicked products, make a real advertisement, turn the traffic on, start to make sales, and fulfill the products.

At this point, you’ll be working with two products to experience how to judge a better product from the other three products. As an online business person, focus only on the right things. Note that one product can give you a thousand dollars profit. Now, get the ones that bring the best results. The creators of this system started from just two to three very profitable products that generate high profits. Eventually, you can have more products on your site but always make sure to get those that actually work.

Week 4

In this week, you’ll learn about google advertisement optimization. So, get ready to become a ninja. You’ll also learn about customer service, getting along with Microsoft shopping, traffic scaling, and


Week 5

In this week, you’ll learn many things from the training videos on the rules of google shopping, finding a hot product to sell from the supplier, how to brand the product, product listing, Microsoft ad, and column, optimizing Microsoft shopping, Microsoft ads brand campaign and google search brand campaign. For this week, you’re going to start optimizing the Microsoft ads, use the profit vault in finding three to five products, and write a product listing.

Week 6

During this week, you’ll know the techniques behind Aidan and Steve’s success in making more than $2500 from their products in just six days and a profit of $5000 monthly. You may think that it may not be sustained yearly, but on their end, it is maintained and continuously providing them a profit of $60 000 per year. And, it keeps growing at this point. Also, note that Aidan and Steve didn’t have experience with these products before selling them, but they made a breakthrough. They saw the market and what the market needs, so they sell them. Besides, you’ll know how to optimize your advertisements and test the products.

Week 7

This week is an essential part of the process. You must finish the first six weeks of the training to grasp this module’s contents. This week’s training is about gaining traffic and making sales. You’ll know what to do and what applications to use that fits your budget and your business. In short, you will learn about email marketing and how you can build an email list. Also, you’ll learn how to abandon a cart email flow and the non-buyers email flow. You’ll learn everything good to capture the attention of potential buyers.

Week 8

This week is full of the workshop. It’s the last core training session within the eight weeks. This session covers the training updates, virtual event, SWAT support, fun contest, a big addition to the membership, hot seats, Q and A, and more. But, it’s not yet the end because there are still many bonuses and many more upcoming webinars. 

End of Kibo Code Quantum Training

Week 8 is not yet the end of the Kibo Code Quantum program; in fact, not even close. But the first eight modules are the essentials to get your business up and running. The team will always provide support in the Kibo business and its expansion. New training, updates, techniques, and strategies to implement the system, skyrocket the business, and make profits higher will be given continuously by the experts. There are still expansion modules to learn about bulk buying and finding a fulfillment warehouse.

Steve and Aidan are mentors that will support your business to get more profits. Topics about empire building, store resuscitation plan, partnership, copywriting, outsourcing, content marketing, email marketing, YouTube, and many more will be covered.

Cost of the Kibo Code Quantum

There are two options for Kibo Code Quantum payment. The first is a one-time payment of $3497. The second option is a payment program for $997. A money-back guarantee is also put in place if you will not be satisfied with the program. Hence, there is a zero risk for business people who want to get a high profit or return on investment.

Why Kibo Code Quantum

Simply put, the Kibo Code Quantum is the easiest means to get your ROI. Let me tell you why.

  • No need to have your own product brand
  • Market research is not necessary
  • No need to buy upfront inventory
  • Don’t need Amazon or Facebook
  • No months of preparation needed
  • No need to talk to customers

Pros and Cons of Kibo Code Quantum

The Kibo Code Quantum provides a quick, simple, and easy method for all interested investors. It comes with bonuses and free offers. The trainers, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are marketing experts with a proven and tested track record. Kibo Code has no traffic issues, no need for inventories, social media ads, paid promotions, and no supplier issues. There is a little competition, so it’s guaranteed high chances of success.

The only problem I can see about this advanced program is the cost. For some people, the price is highly unaffordable, most especially for starters.


Kibo Code Quantum is a journey to make money online in the quickest ways possible. So, every online entrepreneur is excited about its upcoming launch. Imagine being guided from nothing to everything in setting up your own e-commerce business that provides a real income. This program is a big opportunity to gain profit in the comfort of your home. With Kibo Code Quantum, you’re guaranteed to have a Great Value for Money and a promising Return Of Investment. Get Kibo Code Quantum on its upcoming launch, and change your life forever.