No,window movie maker download is not the original; instead, it is a scam that you should not install on your computer. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the website that is spreading it (namely windows-movie-maker. org) appears as one of the top results on Google while searching for “Movie Maker” and “Windows Movie Maker.” ESET classifies the scam as Win32/Hoax.

How to use movie maker window 

Three key divisions: The movie maker’s window is divided into three sections: panes, preview display, and storyboard. The panes, which include the mission, lists, and contents panes, provide the working room. Users can build and edit projects using the storyboard and timeline. Finally, the preview monitor enables the user to track and evaluate the progress of the film’s production.

Setting aspect ratio: The aspect ratio decides how movies are shown on the projector. The aspect ratio of the resulting movies is the quotient of their length to width. To set your desired aspect ratio, go to tools, then “Options,” then “Advanced,” and finally “Preferred Ratio.” For example, a 4:3 ratio is better for full-screen monitors, while a 16:9 ratio is best for large screens.

Changing .wlmp file into other recognized video format: Any projectile file the. Want Windows Movie Creator to use the extension. Unfortunately, this format is not supported by many media players. This simple procedure will aid in the conversion of all.wlp files into other known formats. From the file tab in Movie Creator, select “Open Project.” Find them. Want file. Return to the File menu and select “Save Movie.” Select your desired performance movie.

Trimming video: Launch Movie Maker. Proceed to the “Add” group on the “Home” tab and click on “Add videos and pictures.” Next, locate and open the folder containing the video to be edited from the resulting dialogue box. Choose a video file and press the “Open” button. Navigate to the edit tab under Video resources. Then move the slider to the location where you want your video to begin. Alternatively, drag the slider to the desired endpoint of the clip.

Splitting video into two: A larger video can be divided into smaller chunks. The bits can then be rearranged in a series. Open Movie Maker and navigate to the video to be split. Drag the replay indicator up to the point that you want to break the video after clicking on the clip. Next, click the “Edit” tab in the “Editing group” under “Video Tools” on the Ribbon. To finish the process, navigate to break.

Adjust the volume in the published video clip: Combining multiple videos into one will result in sound level and quality inconsistencies. It would help if you corrected the errors: To adjust, click the video’s filmstrip. Next, select “Video Tools” from the Ribbon. Finally, drag the slider to change the volume of the video. This is one of the Windows Media Creator tips and tricks that most users are unaware of.

Upload video clip to the web: If you want to post your video online, you can use sites like Mydeo, YouTube, or Neptune Media share. To begin, save the movie to your screen. Then, go to “Publish Movie” and choose “YouTube” or any other site you like. You can use this method to share your videos online.