In today’s world, your cell phone is your lifeline. Many of us use our smartphones for work, communicating with friends and family, and entertainment. It’s our own personal computer that allows us to have the power of the internet on the go. This is why it can be so disrupting when your iPhone breaks.

Whether it’s a broken screen, busted battery, or some other problem, a broken iPhone can interrupt your productivity and daily routine. Understandably, you want a solution as quickly as possible when your iPhone breaks. Unfortunately, many people turn straight to buying a brand new iPhone, which is incredibly expensive. Many times, iPhone repair is far cheaper than buying a new phone.

Buying a New iPhone is Expensive

No matter where you look, buying a brand new iPhone is very expensive. For example, with Apple, the latest iPhone 11 pro runs you $719 with trade-in. A broken iPhone is unlikely to get you the trade-in deal, meaning the iPhone will be even more expensive. Getting the phone from your carrier is no different and either add a significant amount to your monthly bill or costs you hundreds upfront. When your phone breaks, it is not the most economical choice to run straight to buying a new phone.

There’s No Guarantee Buying Used

Your other option would be to buy a used phone. You will likely be able to get a significantly better deal when buying used, but you will not get peace of mind. When you buy used, there’s no guarantee about the condition of the phone. Even if the phone worlds great now, you can’t be certain that the battery isn’t on its last leg. Used iPhones are still several hundreds of dollars that you can end up wasting.

iPhone Repair is Far Cheaper

Eventually, it will be time for you to get a new phone, but you don’t have to rush to do so just because yours is damaged. While the cost of iPhone repair varies based on the problem, it’s far less expensive than buying a new, or even used, iPhone. You can save hundreds of dollars and restore your phone to its pristine condition in no time with our iPhone repair.

Most dedicated technicians go above and beyond to assess your damage and perform the best, least expensive, repair possible. Don’t waste hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone right now, just take yours to your local iPhone repair shop for budget-friendly repair.