What is PMP Certification?

PMP Project Management Professional certification exam is launched by PMI, Project Management Institute of the US targeting project management professionals. There are more than one million project managers engaged in the study of PMI PMP certifications. PMP is one of the most significant certifications in the field of project management, widely recognized by the project management industry.               

What Is the Pro of PMP Certificate?

In nearly every country worldwide, you can find the projects managed by PMP certificate holders. Different from other certificates focusing on particular regions or industries, PMP is a real globally universal certification. It is not limited to a certain project management methodology, an industry or a region.

The Influence of PMP Certification on Salary

PMP Certification holders enjoy obvious advantages in the aspects of salary and earning potential. According to one survey released by PMI, among interviewees, the average salary of PMP certification holders is 23% higher than that of non-certificate holders. 

The Influence of PMP Certification on Organizations

PMP also benefits organizations. When over a third of project managers of an organization are equipped with PMP certifications, the organization can realize original target and finish more projects on time and within budget. (PMI 2015年 Pulse of the Profession)

Obtaining the PMP certification means that the holders will master the global project management language, becoming a part of the global project management professionals, organizations and expert communities, and the “heroes” behind the project.

SPOTO Provides PMP Certification Training Online

SPOTO will help you systematically understand the methods recommended by PMI, putting a focus on the thinking approach illustrated in PMBOK. The training courses of SPOTO are based on the five major processes (initial, plan, execution, control, and close) as the mainline combining the ten knowledge structures of PMBOK and their input and output tool architectures. The course content exceeds the basic requirements of PMP exam, helping candidates to understand the problems and challenges in the project management practices deeply so that candidates can experience that project management is a way of thinking, a way of behavior and communication.

SPOTO will assist you to pass the PMP certificate exam easily. If you have met the requirements of signing up for the PMP certificate exam, the courses are your prime option. SPOTO can help you to obtain the certificate successfully. More importantly, you can get valuable returns through sharing experience with excellent project managers.

SPOTO will help you to understand the latest development of the PMP exam, thoroughly review all the difficult points of the exam, and promote your study progress by doing the classic PMPEXAM real test exercises. You can obtain effective test-taking skills to save time for PMP exam prep. SPOTO has a complete set of PMP sample questions, mimicking the difficulty of the real test.

SPOTO provides professional teacher groups. You can consult teachers if you have any questions. The detailed explanations by teachers can deepen your understanding of project management. Candidates can help each other, creating a sound learning atmosphere.